Roles of Philippines Senior High School in Globalization

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Senior high school indeed plays the biggest role in globalization. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages in this program. Globalization is just a step ahead. Economy and employment could be a smaller issue due to the implementation of senior high school. Children are the hope of our country. Hope to attain our globalization, and to attain this goal, give every child’s right to be place and to learn for the betterment of the whole nation. Therefore, I surely agree, that education is the key to success and so teach them well.

In different countries, senior high school is just a normal thing but in the Philippines, it is a very big deal. It is a change, a good change after all. In terms of academic status, we can surely lift our level and status that can go beyond our imaginations and will simply be part of the top 10 ranking for the best schools in the world. In terms of economic status, we will surely come up to an idea and a better solution to attain the same status as the big countries around the globe. Of course, the first step of these goals is the implementation of our educational curriculum.

Community awareness is very much needed, nowadays. Global warming is now at its finest. Societal and community issues are now very rampant. Depression is a disease. Poverty is still widespread. Malnutrition is a main problem. Nevertheless, senior high school can surely contribute their skills and knowledge. Academic institute are now challenged to go beyond its traditional role, which is teaching and research. Another thing is, the main role of senior high school towards globalization is to have enough skills to pertain different issues that our society have. Senior high school teachers teaches students on how to act not just in school by research papers, essays, problem solving but instead, students are taught on how to have a community aware spirit. Surely, senior high school’s role is to put skills into action to have a better lived for our family, friends, and for the whole nation.

Philippines might be known to as poor country in terms of economic status. However, Philippines is one of the richest country in terms of natural resources, tradition and culture. Under the senior high school program, students are being taught on how to preserve and cultivate this kind of innate wealth. Unlike other citizenry, Filipinos are known to be hospitable but as a senior high school, being hospitable is good but it is better to be better than that. Another role of the senior high school is that, they tend to cultivate and preserve these different aspects, different traditions and different culture where they can humbly and proudly show and share to other creating nations about what Philippines is being proud of. Senior high school plays the biggest role. It is still under experimentation but the fact is, it is for the globalization of our nation.

Change is not always bad. Change in the Philippines’s curriculum is a good thing. Good thing that will surely spread the vastness and goodness of the knowledge’s wings. Students are not just taught on how to be a practical being. They are well then introduced to understand different tradition that would prosper our lives, in the near future.

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Let us base on Jose Rizal’s famous quote, “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”. In line with this, why not give children a better curriculum and opportunities to have a better lives? If it’s for the best, then why not? Senior high school implementation could contribute a lot of opportunities, indeed, for the students and for the whole citizenry of the Philippines. However, we cannot hide the fact that it is a burden towards our parent’s ability. Lots of parents are complaining abpit this additional two-year high school in the Philippines. But the idea is, if it is for the goodness of the child’s future, then why complain? I understand why they act like that, but that’s a normal thing.

Now this is for the parents, senior high school is not just about the additional two more years in high school, or the financial statement, or the burden and stress we may encounter. This is for the goodness of our future, the goodness of our lives. As we stepped the high school life, which is grade seven, we are trained to be an open-minded not just a mere students but as a citizen of the Philippines. You see, we are born and molded with lots of stress in life, we’re used to it, but the thing is, we play the biggest role to achieve this so-called globalization of our family, our home, and our country. I believe, even Rizal believed, that we are the hope of the whole citizenry. It is the fact. In school, we are taught to be at least live a practical lives. With the education form in senior high school program, knowledge, skills and man-power to provide employment rate at its highest point is the essence of this curriculum towards globalization. Yet not only towards the employment but for the betterment of our own families.

As citizens observed, the reason why Philippines is under crisis is due to the corrupt mind of the government officials and due to the blindness of the people in the country. Low in terms of education is one of the factor why citizens are being blinded by the wrong deeds of our officials where our elders elected, as they oath it is for real.

You see, poverty is widespread. Poverty is in fact in our minds. Poverty is in our home, the Philippines. Government should be the one who’ll start fighting this pandemic, unfortunately, they don’t. The thing is, if and only if, citizens are given a chance to have a better education, this widespread disease can somehow be controlled. Government officials who are running for position might be chosen justly by the citizens as they could have enough knowledge about how politics works, which is now taught in senior high school. And if they have enough knowledge, they’ll not abide the dirty works of the running politicians. Easy money is a crime for an educated one. And if you are an educated one, job is not that hard to find. There are lots of opportunities towards employment, but due to our poor educational system way back, and due to our rubbish government, we sank. The main role of senior high school towards globalization is that, this curriculum opens more and more opportunities for employment. It teaches students to be a better leaders, someday, somehow. Senior high school is the stepping stone towards globalization in terms of employment.

As our moving up speaker said during his speech, “There are good things about K-12 in terms of employment”. As we all know, pioneering senior high school students are about to graduate and will either go to college or ill proceed to employment as they are in the legal age and practical courses are under their strand, most especially TVL students. In accordance with this, it is a good thing that K-12 was implemented since it surely contributes something big to our economy and for the globalization and improvement of the Philippines.

The point is, Philippines, marked as having 6 years in high school just as the big universities in the whole world, could now start its development and can play big roles in line with America, Europe, and Korea and so on. Senior high school opens more and more opportunities for the Philippines, which is from the Philippines and could improve our Philippines.

Globalization, on the other hand, is about creating opportunities. It is simply about the connection and the connectivity of a nation to other nation in the globe. Innovation for the betterment is the main reason why K-12 has been implemented in the Philippines. In the year 2012, K-12 curriculum in the Philippines has been implemented. Instead of 'First year high school student” students are now called as “Grade Seven students”. As for the old curriculum of Education in the Philippines, students who graduated in fourth year high school should still go to college as their extent age of graduating is in 16 to 17 years old which are not suitable for work. Unfortunately, as the studies shows, Philippines was one of the listed country with lack and low in education compared to the other neighboring countries. There are lots of changes. The subjects are now parallelized as though some subjects taken by the fourth year high school students under the old curriculum are now taught and tackled by the early grade seven students under K-12 program. As the officials says, this curriculum is for the betterment and for the improvement of the education for globalization of the Philippines which can lead us to have a better economy in the near future.

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