Impact of Various Issues on Youth Culture and Human Service Approaches

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When considering the current youth culture and the human service approaches it can be affected by various types of issues which includes globalization, gender, discrimination, race and education. While some of this has a positive impact on the youth culture and human service approaches some of them is also having a vastly negative impact also.


Currently it has been assessed that the globalization has various types of negative impacts on the youth culture which includes family breakdowns, consumerisms, a huge gap in the technological development, moral decline, tribalism, relational issues and incarnational issues in both the local and global context (Giddens, 2018). The globalization has also the impact on the approaches of the human services in different types of corporate sectors. Due to the globalization, various types of challenges occur within the human service approaches which include corporate and cultural differences, changes in the employment and tax laws and the challenges regarding the long-distance communications.


In the current situation the gender has also impacted the present youth culture. The gender has impacted the youth culture in a way that they are now fighting in the society for gender equality and they are playing an active role within it. The main aim of the youth culture is establishing the same rights for both the male and the females (Brake, 2013). In the case of the social service approaches the gender has also a vast impact. Due to gender inequality, various social services has been divided based on genders. Due to this, a specific type of gender is not getting the chance to provide services to a particular service field. For this reason, to achieve gender equality the youth culture is fighting against the society which has affected them vastly.


The discrimination issues in youth culture has a huge negative impact on youth culture all over the world. The main negative impact of the discrimination in the youth culture is that it creates racism among the peoples and the outcome of it is very much dangerous. Racism in youth culture can lead to dangerous crimes and some specific part of the peoples will be badly affected due to racism (Fredrickson, 2015). In the case of the human service approaches again the discrimination has a huge negative impact due to its racism impact. The racism impact on the human services areas has created a very large issue. Due to this humans are not able to provide a stable service to the community. As per the European youth forum, the best way to tackle the discrimination in the human service is approaching it from a legislative point of view. Thus equal opportunities must be given to all the peoples in the human service approaches.


From various research, it has been identified that parental racing-ethnic socialization has, directly and indirectly, influenced the youth culture in antisocial behaviours and in depressive symptoms. It has been also identified that the racial-ethnic socialization is mainly associated with the ethnic cultural orientation and the mainstream among the youths and this is the main reason that it influences the depressive symptoms (Simpson & Yinger, 2013). In the case of the human service approaches, this racial also creates a difference in treating the peoples in many of the countries which create dissatisfaction among a specific group of peoples.

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In this case the impact of the education it is actually good for the youth culture as the youth culture focuses on the practices which are often global, creative and counterhegemonic (Powell, 2014). In most cases, youth peoples are highly creative. In this creativity, education plays a huge role. Thus the impact of education in the youth culture is positive. In the case of the human services approaches the education also plays a positive role. To provide proper human services knowledge on a particular domain is very much important which can be gathered through the proper education. Thus education plays a positive role in this context.

The Interconnectedness of Youth-Related Issues and Service Practice Approaches with Sexual Education Support: The sexual education support describes the interconnectivity among the youth-related issues and the service practice approaches. This provides the interconnectivity among them as it provides information regarding the beliefs, attitudes and the values (Grose, Grabe & Kohfeldt, 2014). Also, sexual education supports sexual development, interpersonal relationships, affection, gender roles and reproductive health. Also, the sexual education interrelates the youth-related issues and the service practices by addressing the biological, physiological and the sociocultural dimension of the sexuality and the gender from a behavioural domain, affective domain and from a cognitive domain.


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