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Richard Wright'S Black Boy: Struggles With White Oppression

As a little child, Richard Wright was aware of the two different races, the black and the white, but he did not understand the idea of these two races in the South. In the first chapter, Richard explains how he believes that the whites are...

Native Son: The Story of Racial Discrimination in America

Richard Wright’s influential novel, Native Son, published in 1940, created an awareness of the reality of racial tensions in America by outlining the menace and complexity of social, political, and economic aspects. Wright brilliantly pieced together Marxist ideals, political abstractions, the impacts of social oppression,...

Native Son: An Unfair Treatment of African Americans in The Great Depression Era

The Great Depression led to the mass migration of African Americans to northern cities. The sudden influx of blacks in predominantly white areas led to increased tension between the races. Richard Wright’s novel, “Native Son,” published in 1940, was a product of this time period....

The Importance of Equality in Richard Wright's Novel Native Son

The Native Son is a novel about Bigger Thomas. It is the story of how a poor, uneducated, twenty-one year old black man in Chicago becomes a criminal and is sentenced to death. The story begins with Thomas killing a rat in his cramped apartment...

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