Return On Investment (Roi) And Pr Success

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In 2018 Finolhu spend more than 100 000$ on PR. To review Return on investment we need to include specification of the research. Describe weak sides of strategy and implement new points. Most people think if it’s hard to measure ROI then ROI is not existing. I am sure that we need to include ROI not only by currency as a material objective but also as attractive appearance of your brand.

Attractiveness makes your brand as a cake for children: tempting, desired and necessary. PR make your brand is necessary to have for people, then it will bring all people around the world to your product. Apart of it ROI will help you to know how close you to top of necessity.

ROI is a measurement structure of how many goods are back in a company after investments in outside. My hypothesis of ROI is based on fact that we need spend our resources in a perspective way, including trends, brands, celebrities who can have impact on audience.

As per Jim R. Macnamara (CARMA International 2003) ROI is visible tool and possible for measurement, but mistake was to put ROI in a core of company and make it as a main goal. However, ROI become a famous word that why usage of ROI is not clear now.

Normal ROI always was calculated by amount of sales activities, profit, positive financial income and etc. But financial structure of ROI is not applicable for PR ROI. PR ROI can be measure by CSR, by loyal clients (because positive picture of brand attracts more people), government and NGOs support and etc (Jim R. Macnamara CARMA International 2003).We need pay attention for results. Because PROI is long term tool, is mean hard measurement for the reason of goal separation, many small goals make counting hard. This is mean to measure ROI we need divide it by short and long achievement then we can apply. Short term can be measure as achieved or not achieved, just by result. Long term can be measure by mythology as:

  • Content analysis
  • Survey
  • Focus group
  • Interview
  • Web statistics.

As per research in 2000 only 28 % were happy with ROI on PR. Most of them still more believe in AVE, clipping and sales promotions.2.4 Reason of lack of involved ROI Company is not searching on ROI because they face “5 stops” factors as By PRCA research 58% of practitioners have lack of finance, 43% have lack of time resources, 43% of them don’t know how to measure it. I think we can divide these factors on reasonable and “excuses”. Walter Lindenmann, independent consultant show that he agreed with the same in 2005. No time, expenses and lack of knowledge – excesses.

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It’s always possible to find your own way of research as emails, piggyback studies short-term and long-term analysis and etc. However, we can classify 2 reasonable problematic factors and how avoid them:

Outputs vs outcomes

It can be confusing for most of the people, but to make it easy we can explain it as, doesn’t matter how many communications (press-releases, clipping, social media posts and etc.) you sent out, matter only what happened after, which kind of effect your publications made if made. Most of companies follow Shannon and Weaver’s (1949) way which is example of biggest mistake in strategy, because it means deliver message to people without explanation. Unfortunately, advertisement with ballet girls to show how light yoghurt is not lucrative and people know how to forget and never remember that kind of advertisement. Even new technology as website, digital content and etc., is not helpful in such situation because we can’t measure feedback, no one pay attention to feedback. Decision of this problem is measurement of outcomes by digital resources as activities, how viral it goes.

Super Wise objectives

In terms of this barrier we can see a note of sarcasm in name, it’s means one of mistake its try to measure PR goals as smart, specific, sharp goals which is not true. Some of PR goals are changing in a process of achievement, some of them can be canceled and replace by others. It doesn’t mean these goals are bad, but it means PR is working. PR is field which is changing each second, we can’t measure or settle same way of goals as for Sales or any other. Companies who do not understand it will lose competition. For each CEO and owner need to know that best way to settle goals are included below points:

  • awareness
  • lucrative launch of service
  • improve face and voice of brand.

We spoke about it in 2.2 as short and long terms. In few words it would not be just achievable but will be aligned. Always need to ask high management what will happened if we reach A and B, how it will reflect on common goal. If management can’t see your efforts, better stop and negotiate it one more time. Apart of it we also can apply theories as Cognitive dissonance theory, Joseph Klapper’s ‘law of minimal consequences’, Hedging and Wedging Theory, Situational Theory and etc.

Numeric effect on rhetoric

Most people who work in PR is artistic people have attached to journalism, design, TV and etc. We can call it rhetoric subject people. However, to measure ROI we need use numeric system as numbers, financial figures, graphs, metrics and etc., that why we need gain knowledge there also.• Post measurement Most of time of the existence of PR we measure it by PIE, at the end of the project. Yes, it’s quite logical to measure results but it’s an old concept and suite short term goals. For long term project and ideas, we need measure ROI on each step because otherwise we will lose budget. Important to measure what was before project.


PR is working in non-stop graphic there, so it’s made our research even more complicate as figures are changing every day. However, we can see is ROI on PR is measurable in this particular case, the way how to measure we mentioned as well as a way how to make pre-testing and use secondary data for future campaign. Need to remember that PR is field which is changing and depends on a world movement. You need to be flexible and sometimes change all in the last second. PR in hospitality is a part of Sales also, divide these 2 is impossible. In terms of measurement we need always remember that measure intermediate steps are even more important than final. Each intermediate step needs to be shown to management with clear explanation. Pre-testing and secondary data are your basic which can help avoid mistakes. In such field as PR remember it’s never late to create something new.

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