Reasons Why College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid

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From this article, Michael Wilbon a featured columnist for, and Who also happens to be a longtime co-host of “Pardon the interruption” on ESPN and appears on the “NBA Sunday Countdown” pregame show on ABC. Michael proposes that not only college football players to be paid for bringing in money to the school but every athlete that plays sports for a university. Michael quotes “How could you pay college football players but not baseball players or members of the women’s field hockey team?” using examples of Ethos, Pathos and Logos to the reader, Michael Wilbow roughly shows that college athletes deserve to be paid for their effort that they give to their universities. Reading through the article Michael does provide emotional and logical appeal to readers as he explains how much these athletes generate money to the program as well to the universities but doesn’t show much authoritative appeal when it comes to these programs. He provides a picture from Ronald Martinez posted in Getty Images and reported that UConn basketball team made the run to the NCAA championship that generated millions for the NCAA and the university but that is as much information as it will go to and nothing more. So, with this being one of the two authoritative appeal to bring to the reader, it can leave the article in question asking well maybe there is a way that the players are being compensated just not the way that we assume.

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An emotional appeal that gets us wondering about this whole compensation thing is when Michael brought up an example of capitalism. He quotes “Im interested in seeing the people who produce the revenue share a teeny, tiny slice of it. That’s right, football and men’s basketball players get paid; lacrosse, field hockey, softball, baseball, soccer players get nothing. You know what that’s called? Capitalism.” If we think about it and bring an example of this, the most distinguished professor at the University of Alabama won’t make $5.9 million in his entire tenure in Tuscaloosa. Nick Saban who is the head coach for football at University of Alabama made that in a year. For an educator like a professor at any college they went through roughly around 10 years at least of education after high school just to get a doctoral degree while most and again I say most coaches have only a bachelor’s degree. The most truthful thing that is most agreeable almost to the dot is the fact that people from around the country doesn’t turn on their televisions or go to a school to watch people take an exam; They visit be entertained by folks that has abilities that other may not possess sufficient to be televised. Michael brings in information that NCAA and CBS/Turner sports activities for March madness among the years of 2011 and 2024 made a deal to usher in $10.8 billion for 3 weekends of television per year. Also, any other deal that turned into made with ESPN that would end up giving BCS $500 million in 4 years, that means this of the $174 million disbursed from 5 bowl games, 83.4 percent went to six conferences in 2011.

In question right now could be whether the BCS even conducts its commercial enterprise dealings in a manner constant with ideas expressed in federal anti-accept as true with legal guidelines. So, the equitable-application excuse for not paying athletes doesn't keep water; a minimum of there is a level of hypocrisy here that need to make the opponents of paying athletes uncomfortable. It's commendable that the NCAA has paid millions into a fund for in-need athletes to cover clothing purchases, emergency travel and medical expenses. There's also a special assistance fund and a student-athlete opportunity fund. Meaning this he brings in the question why can't loads of tens of millions of dollars be directed into the ones, and in flip make cash tons extra accessible to athletes for the varieties of everyday daily expenses normal university students pay by way of operating jobs which might be off-limits to intercollegiate athletes? Now if we depend all the athletes there are inside the USA that have dedicated themselves to sports and to suit within that timetable, there isn't a whole lot of businesses accessible searching out those type of workers for their company. He then brings the last authoritative appeal by bringing what Allen Sack says who has a Ph.D in sociology from Pennsylvania state university and a B.A. from the University of Notre Dame. The writer and professor on the college of business on the University of New Haven has cautioned in latest years.

The best university athletes in the revenue-generating sports activities have usually been worth a lot greater than training, room, board and books. The satisfactory football and basketball gamers within the Big Ten have produced to the diploma that a tv network has end up the model for each conference in America, a network worth at least tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars to the member institutions. Yet, no participant can advantage from that paintings. The gamers have end up personnel of the universities and conferences as a good deal as students -- employees and not using compensation, which no longer best violates common decency however possibly even the law. With these given arguments about athletes not being compensated as I stated, Michael is able to provide logical and emotional appeal to its readers producing what they bring to the school and the sports show that cast these live games but not much authoritative appeal when given credit or research in his article.

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