The Debate Whether College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Athletes most of the time incline to getting into sports for the easy and fun way to earn money, but colleges paying young athletes would eliminate the line between amateur and professional sports. According to the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) the reason why student athletes are not currently paid is that it would eliminate the separation between amateurism and professionalism in sports. If the line is eliminated it would cause more trouble to athletes that don’t go pro because then the links between an education at a college and sports played at a college would’ve bin weaken. This would cause them trouble because they would have even less opportunities than what they had before.

Plus, most teenagers have no idea in how to manage their money properly. There even are adults that don’t know how to manage their money what makes people think that teenage athletes would do a better job. Giving money to athletes at such an early point in their career would throw them of balance. They are goanna more than likely not know how to properly invest their money and will make them bad habits. Also, it will create issues of paycheck equality.

If athletics is treated like a work-study program, there could be issues of equality in pay that would need to be evaluated. Some students in other programs would likely not earn the same amount as an athlete for their work-study program. When everything comes down to dollars and cents, there could be more discrimination put into college campuses by paying college athletes than the benefits such an activity would provide.

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It would more than likely prioritize athleticism over academics. Although students would still be required to meet academic standards to qualify for academic programs, paying athletes for sports participation would likely shift personal priorities. They would be required to maintain their position on the team to benefit from the income, much like they are required to do so now to maintain a scholarship. Athletes would choose programs where they would be paid the most, instead of choosing programs where they could learn the most. By the time student graduate high school, they are in an eager to earn money to meet there needs and to start living there life like they want whether it is good or bad. In college you are expose to a lot of new stuff more than what you are expose to in high school earning a good amount of money at such a young age will eager you to waste it in whatever you feel like especially when you are in a college away from your parents the only one that can guide you properly without them you will more than likely rip your life to shreds. Also, it could become a burden on taxpayers. The idea of paying college athletes a salary comes out of the revenues which are generated by sporting activities. Much of that money is already used by the conferences and schools to host games or conduct events already. To pay athletes a salary, most public institutions would need to ask taxpayers for monetary support. Private institutions would likely increase tuition rates to meet the financial obligations involved. Those burdens could stop some students from enrolling for academic purposes, which would create lower-skill workers over time throughout the country.

It would burden smaller colleges. Would all student athletes receive the same amount of pay, no matter which school they chose to attend? If so, then there would be an undue burden placed on smaller schools that compete at higher levels. If pay levels can be tiered, based on where a college competes, then is it fair for one athlete to be paid more than another because they were accepted into a “superior” program? There are plenty of structural questions that would need to be resolved before paying college athletes became the norm. Most students already aim for a high university so imagen if they pay you to attend to the university that you want it this will destroy the smaller university. Completely ruining the chances of a unathletic not the brightest student to be able to access education. It will encourage schools to cut other programs. Many schools use the funds from their athletics programs to fund other programs and activities. If those funds are ordered to be used as a salary for college athletes, then the other programs and services might suffer because of it. That would degrade the quality of life available on-campus at many institutions. Depending on what programs were cut, it could even impact the safety of students over a long time period. There is some programs that already struggle to be there so giving more money to athletes will cause the college to reduce funds for other programs so the programs that already struggle will end up in ruins and will harm the student that are taking it. Student athletes who are receiving a salary would be classified as employees. That would give student athletes the right to unionize in many states. That would create conflicts between schools and athletes in a manner that is like the conflicts seen between owners and professional athletes. Some participants would still be minors, which means their parents would need to be involved in contract negotiations. New levels of administrative complication would be incorporated into the educational system, which would further increase costs. Paying student athletes creates a few variables which offer plenty of pros and cons to think about. Most people would agree that athletes should be compensated when profits are generated by their likeness and activities. Most would also agree that university programs should emphasize academics over athletics. Finding a balance, using key points like these, is the only way progress on this issue will be obtained.

Besides, most retired professional player ends up broke because of bad money management. Talking about people who earn millions and millions and even at such point where they are expected to know what decisions to take and which not to. Having said so grown adult not knowing how to spend their money what should the society expect from teenagers earning money. Besides sometimes the curiosity may get the best of them and might end up trying out something that they shouldn’t like efficiency enhancing drugs like steroids and the worst part would be that the college is basically funding them harming both the athlete and the college. The college losing tons of money and the athlete harming his health and his career.

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