Essay Samples on Philosophical Theory

Swadeshi Movement: The Rise of Indian Nationalism

According to Müller Jan-Werner populism is described to be anti- elitism and anti- pluralism. (Plagemann, Destradi, 2019). This leads to the formation of two groups one where the ‘people’ are the victims and the other where the ‘elite’ are evil typically representing the government establishment….

What Defines Science and Pseudoscience

Considering whether a certain phenomenon is scientific or not has been a controversial subject since the entertaining industry has been supporting the public’ science illiteracy by promoting a branch of fictions as scientifically proven facts. Movies, nowadays, are full of a tremendous number of paranormal…

Karl Popper's Ideas on Science and Pseudoscience

The famous philosopher, Karl Popper advanced his career in Britain, allowing consideration to the new ways that scientists were thinking about how the world. Subsequently, looking at different approaches that scientists like Einstein and Freud were using, Popper came to the judgement that not all…

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