Essay Samples on Philosophical Theory

The Conflict Of Individualism And Collectivism In Civilization

Collectivism versus individualism has been a fundamental conflict for decades. Civilization depending upon the energetic movement of great masses of people, and the expanding government makes the individual question if his/ her life belongs to him – or does it belong to the collective? First,…

Peter The Great And Louis Xiv In The Period Of Absolutism

Constitutional states were trying to formulate ways to share power and authority, but absolute monarchies found ways to increase state power. Absolutism stood on a theoretical foundation known as the divine right of kings (Bentley, 643). An absolute monarch has unrestricted power in political, philosophical,…

Utilitarianism And Kantianism: Kant's Stance On Metaphysics

John Mill’s Utilitarianism and Immanuel Kant’s Major Standard of the Metaphysic of Profound quality shows the two scholar’s dissimilar perspectives in accordance to good principle. Mill’s Utilitarianism is an increasingly sophisticated principled attitude contrasted with Kant’s analysis of the power and its utilization in demonstrating…

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