Peter Pan: Comparison of Book vs. Movie

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Peter Pan's novel by J.M. Barry had a lot of movies and plays on stage. Peter Pan is a Scottish novelist-created story. Peter Pan is a naughty kid who can fly and never grows up. As the chief of his group, the Lost Boys, he spends his never-ending childhood enjoying adventures on the small island of Neverland, engaging with mermaids, Native Americans, fairies, pirates, and sometimes, normal kids from outside Neverland. As stated, there have been several film versions, but for this paper, I would analyze and contrast facets of Peter Pan, the 2004 novel and the 2007 launch of Disney's Peter Pan.

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While both the book and the film were good, I would have to say the book is better. I preferred the book for a few reasons such as; more information is available; the writer is very descriptive. He is painting a picture in your brain. You are going on every trip in which they take part. Secondly the result was better for Captain Hook and the rest of the pirates. Although the film has an ending suited for kids where, along with the rest of his gang, Hook jumps into a dingy and sails away, the result of the book has been stronger. The crew is sailing away in the film, which just gives them the chance to be somewhere else mean pirates. However, in the novel, by being killed, they all get what they deserve. In addition, It was a better ending. The Lost Boys choose to stay with Wendy, to seek successful careers and to grow up. They do not even come home with Wendy in the film though. Wendy is also growing up and the process of spring-cleaning begins with her mother and all the daughters coming up. Lastly you can use your imagination. You can see what is going on while in the film, while the book gives you room for imagination. You have Wendy, Paul, Hook, Smee, and Lost Boys of your own. They all appear, talk, and behave in your head in their own way. You have your own Neverland picture and how it looks.

Of course, the book and the film have many similarities and differences. Why do parallels exist and why do differences exist? If the film producer, director, and writer of the scenario were willing to change some details, why did they decide to keep some details unchanged? These are a few of the similarities and differences between the book and the film. When it comes to the similarities: Tinker Bell does not like Wendy, and Wendy is treated like a mother in Neverland. And when it comes to Hook, is being chased by a ticking crocodile and his tries to kill Peter. Tinker Bell saves Peter from being killed by Hook. The children take over the pirate ship.Some details are kept the same because the viewer likes anticipation and suspense. The reader of the novel, however, is searching for many parallels. These similarities are also good for the public as Peter Pan is a well-known children's book and Disney is a well-known television / movie company, so adults will want to take their kids to see it. The film company may have chosen to keep these sections the same for price, the viewer of the book / movie, anticipation, suspense and want to remain as true to the novel as possible.

However; In the movie, Mr. Darling thinks Wendy should move away from the nursery. In the book, this is not the case. In the movie, Mr. Darling gets angry because he trips on Nana and his family cares more about Nana more than him, while in the book he gives her foul-tasting medicine and gets angry because the children feel sorry for her. In the book the Lost Boys shoot Wendy but Peter's 'kiss' saves her. In the movie, Wendy is saved by Peter when Tinker Bell tries to kill her In the book, Hook is eaten by a crocodile. In the movie though, Hook hops onto the dingy when he loses the fight with Peter and sails away from Neverland. In the book, Captain Hook and Smee try to poison Peter's 'medicine.' In the movie, Hook attempts to blow Peter up.

Tinker Bell is captured in the movie and reveals the Lost Boys' hideout. In the book, Smee and Hook accidentally discover it. These parts are different because for the movie audience it may have been long-winded. Perhaps the book audience enjoyed it too because no one likes a film like the novel, which is almost word for word. The public probably liked such improvements because they are more child-friendly and adult-friendly. The film company is a well-known TV / Movie company for children, so some parts of the book may have been intense and scary for children. These parts may also have been cut out for cost and time.

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