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My Antonia Novel Analysis: Stories Of Immigrants That Helped To Build America

My Antonia by Willa Cather has different backgrounds and settings. My Antonia shows them trying to create social and economic identities for themselves as Americans while heavily influenced by their unique cultural experiences mostly from Europe. My Antonia title is the name of Bohemian girl,...

How Literature Helped Me to Develop a Sense of Social Justice

Ever since reading George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” at age 15, I have developed a passion for social justice because of the class inequality that characters such as Boxer, who epitomise the exploited working-class during Stalin’s totalitarian rule, face. I appreciate how I can explore my...

Comparison the Handling of Gender in 'My Antonia' and 'The Painter of Signs'

The novel ‘My Antonia’ was written by the American author Willa Cather and published 1918. The bildungsroman novel follows the protagonist Jim Burden, who migrates to Nebraska after the death of his parents at age 10, throughout the various stages of his life as he...

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