Personal Reflections: Three Lessons I Have Learnt From Hosea's Story

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David was chosen to be king at a young age when he was only a shepherd, but wasn’t the king until he was 30 years old, David had been working for king Saul and throughout that time he had been taken to court by king Saul because of his ability to play the harp, David then defeated the giant goliath. God stood by his side the whole time.

Hosea was told by the lord to marry a woman that would betray his trust many times and his children had names that sent messages of judgement towards Israel. I believe that God included David’s story in the Bible to show that no matter how small you are or what anyone thinks of you, you can always do great things in your life and be truthful to yourself and others. I also believe God chose David’s story’s as he was put in many troubles throughout this life from a young age.

I also believe that God included Hosea’s stories in the bible as he always links his stories closely with his personal life in all aspects. This can teach us many things in life as, this story happens in lives of people every day and we must stay strong and have faith in our lord that he will protect us and care for us.

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I feel like I connect to Hosea the most as he was told to follow God and be faithful in him, to believe and make the most of it all. God told Hosea to do things and he did them, like marrying Gomer, even after he knew she would cheat and turn her back towards him numerous times.

In my life, a lot of people have let me down in life, ranging from my closest friends to even family, that I would have put my life on the line for. I’ve been told to have faith, in many people and that they will get better in life and change, even if I know they will not. They will just go back to their old habits and leave us, this time in more heart-break than before, as we keep believing in them, time and time again. We still cannot give up faith in them, we need to hold them tight and make sure they feel loved, that they can come to us no matter what has happened just like gomer went back to Hosea, and Hosea always went back to God throughout it all.

Things I have learnt from David are to pay good with evil means that no matter how badly someone treats you, to not do it back to them. Saul tried to kill David many times, but when David had the chances to kill Saul he never did, he always let Saul go, and spared his life. When I say covering up sin, makes the situation worse, I'm refencing it back to when David had committed adultery with Uriah’s wife in 2nd Samuel chapter 11, we see that David had tried to cover it up several times and when they didn’t work his problem got bigger. In the end David gave orders to kill him. To Learn to encourage yourself, even in hard times to me means that when we have bad things happen to us in life we need to turn to god for our strength and he will heal us. This happened to David when he found out that the Amalekites had kidnapped all the wives and children of his soldiers. He knew he was in danger, as the soldiers that fought for him had planned to stone him. The bible than says “David encouraged himself in the Lord his God”.

Three lessons I have learnt from Hosea are that our relationship with God is like a marriage, this is a powerful and guiding thought for all the young and elderly people of the world, saying that you will never find one like Jesus. That God uses our struggles to show his power through us and If we truly live to bring all the glory to God, it changes everything. No matter what life will bring our way, God will help us if we remain faithful to Him and only him. God calls us to love everyone, even those who have hurt us, God hates sin and when we do bad things, that affect our selves and others in negative ways. God will forgive us always no matter how bad the deed was. God tells us to forgive other people, like he forgives us. We don’t need to carry the burdens of ourselves or other people in our hearts, we need to always pray and leave them with him to heal and make new.

In conclusion, lessons I have learnt to make me a better person are that I need to have more patience’s in life and that God does take time to answer your prayers, God doesn’t always give a clear answer, sometimes he just gives signs in all different and random forms. That I also need to have faith and always listen to advice god gives us and never go against him. I can never give up on someone, even if they have hurt me or they do not care about me. I must always be there for them as God is always there for me. That I need to always be positive in my life and remember all the blessing’s God has given me. To never forget everything the Lord has given me and the opportunities in life.

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