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Portrayal of Sin in The Faerie Queene and Paradise Lost

Milton organizes his description of Adam and Eve’s fall on helm of evil through epic styles and the use of a Spenserian technique, allegory, in order to strengthen Spenser’s explanation of evil. The allegory used in illustrating Sin and resemblance of Sin to the Dragon...

The Writing Styles of William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser

From the words of William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser, it is clear that some similarities are apparent, however, the two poets encompass different writing styles, as well as different topics that relate to each other in their own unique way. William Shakespeare, known as the...

Allegorical Texts in English Literature: The Faerie Queene, Animal Farm and Others

First use of the word 'allegory 'in English was in 1382, the origin of this word is taken from Latin word 'allegoria', the latinisation of the Greek ἀλληγορία (allegoría), 'veiled language, figurative' (Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott). Allegory is considered as a literary device; allegory...

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