Essay Samples on Harrison Bergeron

Topic Of Equality In Harrison Bergeron

Equality is something many people had to fight for. Imagine the dystopian United States in 2081 when everyone is equal. Above-average people have handicaps so they are equal to normal people. A powerful symbol in this story is the Tv which Harrison’s parents are watching....

Harrison Bergeron As An Example Of Futuristic Literature

In the futuristic short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut, he details the brutal measures by the government to achieve total equality by administering handicaps to individuals with above-average strength or intelligence. Using figurative language such as hyperboles and similes, Vonnegut satirizes extreme equality and...

Irony and Satire in Harrison Bergeron

K. V’s HB, is a satiric prediction of the dangers of equality and mediocrity, and offers a dark insight into the development of a deliberately misguided society. A few simple characters, mainly George and Hazel Bergeron, provide an example for the blueprints for an entirely...

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