Performing An Interview To Investigate How Teaching Professional Apply The Learning Domains

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The best professional to interview is a teacher because they meet people with different characters and they have to know how to relate with those individuals. A high school teacher was interviewed and the interview took place at the school where he was teaching. In most cases, teachers are always busy from Monday to Friday but he created time on Friday afternoon because he didn’t have any lessons in the afternoon. It was on 9/28/2018 when the interview happened. The primary purpose of the interview was to determine how teaching professional applied the learning domains. The four domains were to be discussed so that the teacher could select the domain with the most advantages and the one with the most demerits.

Teaching is one of the most common professions where the learning domains are significantly applicable. The reason why a high school teacher was chosen is because the high school students are the most difficult to handle since they are in the adolescent stage. Teachers have to be keen and utilize several learning domains in order to relate well with those students.The first domain is the psychomotor domain which is also known as the physical domain. This is where individuals make things to appear natural.

Perception is one of the key things where individuals make use of their mind in order to achieve different what they want in life. They have the ability to adapt to new things which are introduced to them. This means that they can be able to put learning into practice. An example is when a designer applies the skills taught in class to create clothes using plastic materials. In most cases, this domain is more of nature which implies that people only need to use their mind and the natural knowledge to be creative or be different from other people. Each individual was born in a unique way and the uniqueness within a person can only be determined by this domain.

The second one is the health-related physical fitness domain. It is closely related to psychomotor domain since they involve something physical. When teaching this domain, it is essential to consider some components which play an essential role when physical fitness is concerned. One of those components is known as the cardiovascular endurance which is used to determine the flow of blood in the body system in relation to the amount of oxygen and other respiratory gases which might be present in the blood system. The second one is known as the muscular strength which is brought about by the contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Muscular endurance combines both the cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Flexibility is another component that determines how the muscles become tight or relaxed. Body composition is all about the body tissues or what makes up the human body.

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The third domain is affective domain which includes characteristics associated with an individual’s attitude, interests, values, appreciations, emotions, social behaviors, and related personality traits. This domain enables people to be positive in life and motive other people who might be facing some difficulties in life. This implies that no matter the challenges experienced in life, they still see a positive side. When it comes to feelings, people with this domain are capable of helping others in the society since they feel responsible. Currently, the society is made up of both poor and rich people and in most cases; there are people who give their material possessions to the poor because they have a sense of humor. When it comes to attitude, they always show a desire to improve. This is mostly applicable at the workplaces where people are taught new things. Some of the people are always willing to learn while others have to be pushed to learn the new things. This is all because of attitude. Some employees have a negative attitude toward their employers while others are always positive and cooperative. When it comes to emotions some people get sad easily while others know how to handle situations without getting mad. Emotions are defined by happiness or sadness.

The fourth domain is cognitive which involves the development of the mental skills and knowledge. Knowledge is significantly involved where people are able to remember things or any information. An example is the ability of a child to recite a poem. Comprehension is also a part of this domain where individuals are able to understand things in a deeper way. In science, there are many scientific theories which are used and comprehension is what makes people understand those theories. In life, there are many facts and opinion and the cognitive domain enable people to differentiate between the two. When people are involved in a conflict, cognitive enables them to come up with different ideas which are applicable in solving the conflicts.

During the interview, the teacher stated that the health-related physical fitness domain was the one which had the most merits. This is because, health is essential when it comes to surviving. In order to be healthy, physical fitness is one of the primary requirements. I agree with the teacher on this domain since, without physical fitness, individuals are in danger of getting other dangerous infections such as high blood pressure, obesity, and other diseases. The domain has a lot of advantages over the others because good health is a key to everything and it can only be achieved through physical fitness. People should stay in a clean environment, do regular exercises and ensure a balanced diet. If this domain is not considered, people will not be able to live long because they will suffer from various infections.

The teacher stated that the affective domain was the one with many demerits. He argued that it involved feelings and attitude. He used an example of his workplace and said that some of the teachers had a negative attitude towards the students and they kept punishing them from time to time. Not only the teachers but also the students who were driven by emotions had poor performance. I can support his argument because a number of people have ruined their lives due to bad attitudes, emotions, and feelings. These characters are defined by this domain and those who are not able to control themselves are the primary victims. Most of the disadvantages are found under this domain but people should learn how to control themselves in order to relate well with the others people around them.

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