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How the Ottoman Empire Influenced the World

The Ottoman Empire is recognized as one of the longest enduring and compelling realms in world history controlling numerous angles of trade and trade routes. The Ottoman empire also known as the “Empire of three continents” captured trade routes from the European trade causing the...

The State of Ottoman Empire's Economy and Political Instability

The theme of fiscal short-term solutions carried on into the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Ottoman bureaucrats focused more closely on ad-hoc solutions, not a real structural transformation, in hopes of generating faster outcomes. The collapse of the timar system, temporary land grants issued by...

A Close-Up Look at the Treatment of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire in The Promise

The discussion over what Armenians experienced in the Ottoman Empire after World War I, still maintains its violence since the day it has begun. Although most historians and academics believe that Armenians were the first victims of the 20th century’s first genocide, many Turkish people...

Religious Tolerance and Coexistence in Ottoman Empire

The empire grew and its people spread even more by the end of the 16th century, led by Suleiman the Magnificent, the Ottoman's longest-reigning sultan, conquering Baghdad in 1513, Belgrade in 1521, Mohacs in 1526, and Siege of Vienna in 1529. Due to the massive...

After The Fall Of The Ottoman Empire

In the wake of the fall of the Ottoman Empire, no one had a good word to say. The Balkans remembered that it was a brutal oppressive state. As long as European liberals denounced it as a government of a foreign tribe, Arab nationalists claimed...

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