On Gun Violence In America: The Need For Action

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Guns are violence, these three words usually hear when it comes to weapons. During the last few years and among US history there has been an issue with gun control, causing it to fall in the wrong hands and therefore end in mass shootings or a significant amount of murders each year. The second amendment which has let people keep the right of bearing arms, dividing the country into two different sides: in favor and against guns, there is no middle ground here. But the statement of Guns being violence can be misinterpreted because Newton’s third law applies here: Action and reaction.

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Years prompting action from government but deaths for mass shootings actually make up a very small percentage of firearm related deaths in the US so what does fire and violence in the US actually look like to inform public debate and to help guide legislation on the prevention of firearm related deaths and injuries it is instructive to consider the epidemiology of fire violence over the past decade the 1st thing to note is I compared with other nations the United States is an outlier in mortality from firearm violence its rates of firearm homicide and suicide both substantially exceed those for the other industrialized nations in the organization for economic CO operation and development the O ECD this finding is not likely due to a predisposition to violence in the United States however because among those seem O ECD nations the US ranks near the bottom in its prevalence of self-reported assault the most recent data available reveal that between 2003 and 2012 more than 300000 people died from firearm related injuries in the United States that’s more than the number of US combat related deaths in World War II and more than the total death count for all other US wars combined and while the overall fatality rate from firearm violence remained constant between 2003 and 2012 at almost 10 deaths for 100000 persons per year this stability masks and notable divergence firearm homicides of decrease since 2006 while suicides have risen by the same amount suicide has been the most common form of fatal gun violence over the past 30 years and in 2012 accounted for 64% of fatal fire and violence gun homocide is concentrated to a remarkable degree among black males especially young black men and 2012 the gun homicide rate for black males aged 20 to 29 was almost 18 deaths per 100000 persons which is 5 times higher than that for his fanuc males and 20 times higher than that for white males the pattern for firearm homicide among females is similar to that her mails but the rates are lower by a factor of 10 black females aged 20 to 24 had the highest mortality rate in 2012 with approximately 7.5 deaths per 100000 persons the risk of gun suicide on the other hand is highest among white males in 2012 suicide rates for white males peaked at 40 deaths per 100000 persons among 80 to 84 year olds while the rate for Hispanic men was below 15 and that for black men was below 10 per 100000 persons between 1999 and 2012 the death ray due to firearms increased along white males aged 35 to 64 by almost 36% white females are similarly more prone to firearm suicide than black or Hispanic females although the number of cases is lower than male cases by a factor of 10 it peaks at 4.5 per 100000 persons among white women aged 45 to 55 the societal costs of firearm suicides and homicides are enormous or 2010 the estimated cost was 164.6 billion dollars approximately 1.1% of the US gross domestic product for that year while there are many factors associated with the risk of death from firearm violence the most widespread appears to be gun ownership the US is home to more than 50 million firearm owners approximately 35% of men and 11% of women report on in firearms further research on the nature and prevention a firearm violence is sorely needed evidence based interventions may lead to substantial reductions in death and disability from this important public health problem.

America, not just these mass killings and doing nothing as I have said before is on acceptable but it’s unnatural means it’s inhuman it just goes against our nature we want to fix things you want to respond to something terrible like this not just now but at any time and human history 5000 years ago of your village had a tiger common into it every day and was eating people you would do nothing you would move the village would build a fence or you would kill the tiger you wouldn’t say well I guess you know someone’s going to get eaten every day because the price of liberty is tiger’s you take some action now this hopeless as this powerlessness you feel one nothing gets done is something as I said we can’t give in to that I actually think that there are some people out there since surely evil people out there who want you to feel powerless just for a buck because if you feel perilous enough you know what might make you feel more powerful going to buy a gun it’s a vicious cycle of violence happens nothing gets done to get rid of the guns and people buy more guns to protect themselves and now the just more guns on the street and yes this guy wasn’t supposed to be able to buy a gun when he could because they’re on the market the semi-automatic rifles so what do you do if you not to be hopeless but you feel powerless how do you get the power back why I think there is 1 power you mustn’t ever forget and that is you can’t vote you can go though there is 118 vote for someone who will

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