Gun Violence And Mass Shooting In The United States

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The world is being taken over by gun violence, on average 96 people are killed by guns in the United States every day. I will be comparing the number of gun violence and mass shooting in the United States over a long period of time to show the relentless increase of gun violence and mass shooting Americans have to deal with. There are many questions being asked as to what you should or can be done to stop these guns violence and mass shooting. For one what are authorities doing to stop mass shootings that keeps taking place repeatedly in our country.

Every so often you hear people dying because of gun violence and mass shooting these events needs to stop these act of violence need to be brought to an end they have been scaring our country our communities for decades all these events are now at an all-time high and this is the time for all of us who leave in this country these communities to take matter Into our own hands and come up with a solution to stop these atrocities Let’s not leave this burden that has plagued all of us to just the government official such as police officers, FBI agents, CIA and congressman to find a solution but we must get our own hands dirty to help solve these problem that we are all facing.

To continue this topic let’s talk about gun violence itself gun violence is a violence Finance committed with the use of a firearm gun related violence Can be law full or unlawful for instance a police officer shoots a criminal or while you are sleeping you hear a noise in your house so you go down stairs to investigate when you get downstairs you see a dark figure going through your stuff you pull out your gun and you say don’t move and the person run towards you, you shoot twice at the person and kill them when you turn on the light it was a white female that was trying to burglarize your home that would be considered a lawful gun violence.

An unlawful gun violence example would be One day you are sitting at a red light after getting off along shift and another vehicle run in the back of your car, you get out of your car and by the looks of it your vehicle is totaled in your anger you pull out your firearm and you shoot the guy that was driving the other vehicle that right there is a great example of unlawful gun violence.

Let’s talk about some factual things when it comes to gun violence 60% of guns all sold with a background check done prior to the sell. The question that comes to mind in this situation is what happened to the 40% that’s leftover sample the 40% that’s leftover is sold under private sales with no questions asked no background check necessary. 32,000 fatalities every year. On average, more than 89 people die from gun violence every day. There are more than 393 million guns in circulation in the United States that is an approximately 120.5 guns for every 100 people. These gun violence are also caused by negligence people are so caught up in their own little world they forget that they are part of a bigger world that they need to protect, why is 1.7 million children living with unlocked, loaded guns the fact that these people are leaving unlocked loaded firearms around children baffles me their negligence is extremely aggravating no wonder these kids are committing suicide so easily no wonder some of these kids bring guns to school. Let’s take for example a child that’s being bullied at school feels powerless when it comes to defending themselves and they know at home there is a firearm unlocked and loaded ready to be used for that defense these children will be more inclined to follow through the next day and bring that firearm to school and start shoot his bullies and aggressors. Among children, the majority (89%) of unintentional shooting deaths occur in the home. Most of these deaths occur when children are playing with a loaded gun in their parent’s absence.

In 2015, 2,824 children (age 0 to 19 years) died by gunshot and an additional 13,723 were injured, 1 out of 3 homes with kids have guns. An emergency department visit for non-fatal assault injury did their research and what they found is just terrifying they places a youth at 40 percent higher risk for subsequent firearm injury. Those people that die from accidental shooting were more than three times as likely to have had a firearm in their home as those in the control group. People who report “firearm access” are at twice the risk of homicide and more than three times the risk of suicide compared to those who do not own or have access to firearms. Suicide rates are much higher in states with higher rates of gun ownership, even after controlling for differences among states for poverty, urbanization, unemployment, mental illness, and alcohol or drug abuse.

After all these research that have proven for a fact that people that are owners of firearms are at a greater risk of being injured or even killed by a firearm, you would think people would change their ways a little bit, you would think people would start locking their guns in a safe and keep them away from children but no it seems like we as humans we are too stubborn to understand the situation that we are in or maybe we just don’t want to understand.

when it comes to mass shooting it is quite different mass shooting in the United States of America it is defined by some people the killing of 4 or more people and by others if more them 4 people is injured then it is considered a mass shooting but there is no legal definition for the term, frankly the definition does not even matter putting an end to it does slowing it down these are what’s important. Base on the definition it would be extremely rare for a mass shooting to be lawful.

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The US make up less than 5% of the world population but holds 31% of global mass shooting records have showed that 152 mass shooting happened in the United States between the year 1967 and May 2018 and has an average of 8 fatality per incident when the shooters death is included, over the past couple years mass shooting have only increased it increase at a drastic pace to say the least. Studies indicate that the rate at which public mass shootings occur has tripled since 2011. Between 1982 and 2011, a mass shooting occurred roughly once every 200 days. However, between 2011 and 2014 that rate has accelerated greatly with at least one mass shooting occurring every 64 days in the United States.

As firearm owners we need to be aware of the tragedies that may take place if we don’t make rational decision with our firearms we need to stop being negligent with firearms not just firearms any weapon in general. We need to lock up our firearms, keep them away from kids, don’t let your kids that’s five years old see were you put your weapon, make sure you onload you weapon, keep the ammunition in a different room if you have to as long as the children can’t get to it tragedies like accidental shoot won’t be able to happen kids using your firearm to commit suicide won’t happen, kids won’t be able to take your fire arm to school and cause more harm them need to be because he wants to defend himself from a bully.

What can the United States government do to prevent gun violence? They can put Sensible gun laws in place to reduce easy access to dangerous weapons by banning high capacity firearms from civilian and reinstituting the assault weapons ban immediately. These laws could say only government officials can be in possession of these kinds of weapon magazines and bump stocks also requiring universal background checks without loopholes, instituting waiting periods for every single firearm. Government can hold the gun industry accountable and ensure there is a well-organized group of people to oversee the marketing and sales of guns and ammunition.

Five percent of gun dealers sell 90% of guns used in gun violence, and must be held accountable to a code of conduct. Further, states can pass laws requiring the sellers to obtain state licenses, maintain records of sales, submit to inspections and fulfill other requirements.

As I do more and more research it seems that our law enforcement agencies are not doing much at all to prevent these mass shootings that keep on taking place. Law enforcement agencies had many sign and warning to let them know that these particular individuals need to be watched but nothing was done about it and these people that they were supposed to be watching went on the killing a lot of people and causing a whole lot of pain to the friends and families of the victims. Individual such as Nikolas Cruz, who was a former student of Parkland’s Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school returned to the school on this very special day with was on Valentine’s Day and gunned down 17 students and teachers. While the local sheriff’s office was first warned two years ago that Cruz was thinking of shooting up the school, and the FBI twice received specific warnings that it failed to follow up or pass on. This Outrageous and grotesque negligence and failure was hardly unique to Parkland’s Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school.

We also have Esteban Santiago, who killed five people and wounded eight at the Fort Lauderdale airport in January 2017, had walked into an FBI office in Alaska with a loaded handgun magazine two months earlier and reported having “terroristic thoughts”. Esteban Santiago basically wanted to be stopped he gave himself up to law enforcement 2 months prior of killing five and injure eight. This man said he had terroristic thought and still nothing was done. There a saying that says with friends like this who needs enemies, but I say with law enforcement like this who needs enemies.

Christin Andersen was a student at Virginia Tech when Seung Hui Cho sot up the school on April 16, 2007, she was shot twice in the back and once in the foot. Doing the interview these are some of the things she said “Your brain is numb for about 2 years” her memories was not fully formed because she was still not sure if she was safe yet her brain is asking itself am I ok the hard parts are not always immediately after the shooting she says or the tragedy because people reach out and she had a lot of attention from the media and local resources the hard part is 9 months afterwards and there’s a level of fear and loneliness that’s really hard to prepare from.

The first 5 years after the shooting she could not stop thinking about the event something would always trigger her mind and she would go right back that place f discomfort and “I would lose anywhere from ten minutes to thirty minutes depending on how severe that trigger was,” if she was in a class room she would tun out the conversation her heart rate would rise up her pulse would start beating and the worst part about this is she didn’t know why it was happening yet. Someone would walk in late that scared her or the door might slam and that would also scare her, she couldn’t connect the why, she created somewhat of a social group for the people that was in the same situation she was in.

Also, close family and friend don’t do well with what happened to you, they may say things that are actually hurtful or do things that are not really thoughtful unintentionally. When it comes to the anniversary April 16th I mentally start to be kinder to myself in the month of March, so I exercise more and try to sleep more I try to be a little bit kinder to myself with my work commitments. I am naturally more anxious the entire month of April because your mind knows that something is coming, and your body starts to feel it so you’re more tired I’m more reactive and much more emotional because I’m brought back to this little painful reminder that i almost died. These emotional events feel like you can Never get away from them you can only cope what you have and keep moving forward.

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