My Sister As A Person I Look Up To

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My sister Tali is one of the people in my life that I look up to. Tali is a 2nd year actuarial science student at Wits University. Tali helps me in achieving my goals and inspires me to have a personal vision, as well as being an amazing sister who is always there for me. Tali has a huge impact on my life. Besides being enormously supportive, when I step out of line she will ensure I get constructive criticism. In her quiet unassuming way Tali will help in every facet of my life, and is an amazing role model. I know she will continue to be an inspiration, confidant and best friend, forever. Tali will set a goal and will not give up until she has achieved it. She always makes a plan to make time for me or anyone who might need her advice and/or assistance. Tali is positive, intelligent and patient, and this endears her to all around her. Tali is an achiever and very popular amoung her pears. She helps me understand my potential, as well as my strong and weak points, and inspires and helps me to improve both of them. Tali motivates me and gives me inspiration to take on even bigger challenges. She has my best interest at heart and everything she does for me or advice she gives me is done without making me feel inadequate. We have a mutual respect and love for each other that will last forever.

The Ndlovu Youth Choir is a group of young people from the Ndlovu Care Group in the rural village of Mouste, Limpopo. Dr. Hugo Tempelman, a Dutch doctor, established the choir in 1994. Up until a few months ago, no one outside South Africa had heard of the choir. They entered ‘America’s Got Talent’ and achieved recognition and stardom by reaching the finals of this competition, watched by tens of millions of people around the world. Despite coming from an underprivileged background, they demonstrated that all human beings have the potential to achieve success in their lives. The choir’s success has united South Africa. They have proven to everyone that with determination, courage and dedication you can achieve anything. This has given hope to millions of South Africans to pursue their dreams and potential. their hard work, strength of mind and persistence resulted in them becoming very successful. The amount of hardships these incredible people have gone through inspires the country to see that you choose which life you want to live and how you want to live it. They are optimistic, passionate and very determined. the Ndlovu Youth Choir are an inspiration to everyone. 

They have shown us that just because you come from abject poverty does not mean that you cannot achieve in life. Hard work, passion, pride and determination and of course talent, will take us along way towards achieving our dreams. Johnny Clegg was born in England to an English father and a Zimbabwean mother. He moved to Zimbabwe where he lived until the age of seven. He and his mother immigrated to South Africa where she got married to a South African Journalist. Johnny became exposed to township life at an early age. He met Sipho Mchunu, who would later become his music partner. Clegg and Mchunu formed the band Juluka, producing a blend of traditional Zulu and pop music. Juluka was the first group that featured a white and black man, and was created in defiance of the segregationist laws of the apartheid era. his involvement with black musicians often led to arrests for trespassing on government property and for contravening the Group Areas Act. He was undeterred and continued in his quest to take his brand of music to the people. If anything Clegg’s music and defiance of the terrible apartheid laws gave hope to the people of South Africa. Unfortunately Clegg recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. jonny Clegg had a belief and he did not waiver in his quest to see it through. Despite all the odds being stacked against him, he pursued what he believed to be correct, and despite being a musician ended up taking a political stance that gave hope to many ill-treated and underprivileged people.the most inspiring trait of Clegg’s, was his motivation and belief to pursue what he believed in and wanted to achieve. Despite the odd’s being stacked heavily against him, he continued to perform and give hope to the people of South Africa.

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