My Recollections About The Family Trip To Costa Rica

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Costa Rica was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with my family. The environment was so beautiful and exotic. As soon as we arrived, I felt stress free and excited. Our tour guide was absolutely amazing and helped me step by step, by teaching me how to fit in with the community and their customs. All our drivers were punctual, always had an amazing story to tell us and a ton of information, which made each trip special. The community was also very welcoming of us, no matter where we went.

We started at Arenal, went to San José, then ended up at Manuel Antonio. We enjoyed an evening lounging in one of the hot springs at the base of the volcano at Arenal, after a long day of hiking. It felt amazing and it helped with my aching muscles. Our tour guide took us bird watching early in the morning and we saw woodpeckers, toucans, parrots and parakeets. Arenal was a great place for people who love to relax and bird watch or even just love animals.

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After enjoying the exotic wildlife, we ventured over to San José. The gold museum was exquisite, the amazing displays of Pre-Columbian gold and the hundreds of gorgeous glittering pieces to admire amazed me and my family. We also had a Doka coffee tour, and can I say drinking Doka coffee after a long walk through the city was incredible and so refreshing. I recommend taking even younger kids to watch and see the interesting process of Doka coffee making. The last stop at San José we made sure to check out Costa Rica’s art. Museo de Arte Costarricense had a variety of exhibitions of national and international artists. There was a lot of stunning paintings inside, but when you went outside there were some fascinating sculptures.

Our last stop was at Manuel Antonio. This took us back to the magnificent nature of Costa Rica. This is a place made for people who love to adventure. At Manuel Antonio National Park it was like its own world. The rain forest, beaches, and coral reefs put the place on my top ten places to visit. My family got to see capuchins, squirrel monkeys, basilisks and iguanas. My youngest daughter especially loved the basilisks, and how they could run on water.

We went snorkelling at one of their many beaches and saw a part of their country we had never seen before. There was such a diversity of colourful fish and other sea creatures. My whole family learnt how to surf there, the instructor was very friendly and helpful even when we kept failing. The last thing we did was go zip-lining at La Selvita, on the longest one, being almost one kilometre long. That was a memory none of us will ever forget, the view was spectacular.

I can’t emphasise enough on how beautiful the country is, it’s wonderful creatures, and its friendly community. It was a truly wonderful adventure! I recommend Costa Rica for families, people who love to get out, love animals or even people who want to relax and enjoy the view.

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