My Own Philosophy of Education: Making My Students Achieve Success

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  1. Introduction
  2. My philosophy of education as a teacher 
  3. Final Words


I believe teaching is a life-long learning process and regardless of one’s years of experience, there is always room for improvement. I feel that in a world as ever changing as ours, it is crucial for teachers to be open-minded and receptive to new ideas and styles of teaching. A strong teacher is willing to experiment with and adapt a wide variety of teaching methods, as he or she understands no two students ever learn in the same way. Additionally, I am of the opinion a model teacher is a team player; someone who understands the power of having a strong support system and, likewise, the importance of being a strong support system for others. I believe in being confident in one’s teaching abilities, but also in knowing humility. In this essay I want to discuss my own philosophy of education.

My philosophy of education as a teacher 

My philosophy of education was formed at a young age as a result of my life experiences in and out of a formal school setting. Education/ Teaching is in my blood. Quite literally, almost every member of my immediate family, has worked in a school system as a teacher or administration, in one form or another. Growing up, I was a dedicated, motivated, student, with little desire to question the nature of my education; I simply came to school, ate up every bit of instruction offered to me by performing well All of it seemed important (though little truly seemed interesting), and I did not understand those students who gave little effort or time to education. When I would “play school” with my sisters or friends, I would typically be the teacher and even then, my main goal was to make this pretend school, fun! As I matured, this desire grew into who I am and the teacher I am, today.

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When I watch kids walk into my classroom especially on the first day, I think about what I want them to be like when they walk out on their last day. I also think about what I want them to be like on the day I bump into them on the streets somewhere, 10 or 20 years later. I want my children to be lifelong learners, to be passionate about something constructive, be able to problem-solve and think critically, be able to work independently and with others, care about others and want to give back to their community, have integrity and self-respect, speak well, write well, read well, and work well with numbers, and to truly enjoy their life and their work. To me, when a child leaves my school, I want him/her to have the basic life skills that will help him/her get along in the adult world — like knowing how to act in a meeting or how to keep organized. Basic things that too many schools forget about in our rush to cram in three sciences, three social studies, four maths, and so on. But I also want my students to be the kind of person who will keep building on what he/she has received in my classroom. I want my students to be adults who will keep developing skills, keep learning, and keep growing. The way this is to be accomplished will be through me, as the teacher. As a teacher, I am with my students more than their own parents/gaurdians are with them, Monday through Friday. Therefore, the role a teacher plays in the lives of his or her students is vitally important. My role as a teacher is to equip students for success. This role is multi-faceted. One focus is the content area and the other focus is character education.

Teachers must follow a state standard for their particular state. These standards have been agreed upon and is what teachers are employed to follow. At times the material may seem dull or even pointless, but teachers are employed to teach these things regardless of our opinion of them. Teachers are required to answer to the state, administration, and to parents. The focus of all teaching should be to help make all students successful. So, applications to real life and the real world must be made consistently. The classroom environment can either help to improve or hinder and discourage a child’s academic learning and ability to feel safe and comfortable as a member of the class. Classrooms that encourage emotional well-being create a positive atmosphere for both learning and emotional development. I want to create an atmosphere where there is mutual respect. A place where students feel relaxed in asking questions and expressing their thoughts and feelings. I want the atmostphere for my students to be safe. I believe that a warm classroom environment can lead to academic achievement and a sense belonging in the school. I believe the aim of primary school education is to prepare our students for the world we live in today. This means teaching them; good morals, healthy eating habits, their personal rights, life skills, and academic skills. Education should assist students in growth; ideally growing into law abiding, world changing adults who will create a better future.

While most of us know that increased family involvement is linked to increased student performance, sometimes it is hard to fill the gap between the two. Every single child in my classroom is different, bringing with them differences in cultures, religious beliefs, life experiences, and learning abilities. Different types of involvement may include parent communication with schools, volunteering at schools, supporting learning at home, participating in school governing bodies and decision-making, and taking part in school-community collaborations. In order to encourage this type of involvement, teachers must develop mutual trust, recognize the different cultural factors of some families, and be diligent in reaching out to the parents of your students. Some of the ways that this can be accomplished is by using a variety of instructional strategies and learning activities, considering students' cultures and language skills when developing learning objectives and instructional activities, communicating expectations to the parents and students, monitoring students progress and individual work, and providing frequent feedback, just to name a few.

Finally, in order to ensure my students are intrinsically motivated, life-long learners, I will lead by example. I will always strive to express my dedication to teaching, and convey my passion for learning. I believe that children learn best when they are encouraged, supported and comfortably challenged.

Final Words

All children can achieve success in an environment, which is structured to cater for individual learning styles, where educators encourage children to learn about their own learning and that of fellow students. Children who are encouraged to be independent inquirers, yet co-operative learners, will then have the necessary skills to develop their whole self. They will then be able to move confidently into society based on their knowledge of themselves as internationally minded citizens. Consequently, classrooms that nurture independent inquiry and collaboration amongst their students, prepare them for social interaction and the challenges of the future.      

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