My First Time Experiencing a Terryfying Storm

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My large, crooked house shook unexpectedly, as if some powerful wind had possessed it, causing me to wake abruptly. Startled and confused, my mind raced, uncertain of where I was, the darkness clouding my vision. I shivered silently in my uncomfortable, broken bed and the cold atmosphere ran through my fragile body like a sharp current of electricity. The rain crashed down violently on my bedroom windows whilst the dark night sky grumbled aggressively.

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Suddenly, a huge and forceful gust of wind caused my thin windows to shatter into minuscule pieces of sharp jagged glass which then scattered across the floor. Impulses of fear shot through my frightened body and I instantly knew this was a storm… a vigorous storm. I scrambled out of bed and slowly made my way across my bedroom, tiptoeing across the creaky ancient floorboards to avoid the multiple shards of glass. I lifted my frail, shaking hand and opened my soft silk curtains. Peering into the blanket of the dull frightening sky, I saw streaks of pure white lightning crackling against the grey backdrop and the night sky filled satisfyingly with black ink and formed an endless shadow across the sleeping, unharmed world. The howling wind swirled around, hissing and roaring like a dragon, causing the disturbed branches to hammer on the walls of my room where the overwhelming darkness grew more and more.

Trembling and alone, I built up my courage and inched over to my old, brown bedroom door that was scratched and dented. Then creeping carefully across the landing, I took one small step at a time, my fear growing to a greater extent with every step. I crawled down the steep, uncarpeted stairs and the familiar smell of my kitchen reassured me. I relaxed slightly until I saw my garden which was once beautiful and full of flowers but now was wrecked with fallen trees and branches dispersed everywhere, looking as if they had clattered to the ground like marbles spilled from a box. Spotting my home phone, I grabbed it in desperation, yearning to hear my mother’s calm voice. I tried to remember her number but I couldn’t think straight. Although I had memorised it, my mind had gone completely blank. After many attempts, ten excruciatingly slow minutes later that felt like hours, the phone line connected, crackling frequently. My whole body tensed up, pleading for an answer. I couldn’t stay here in this terrifying house alone with the trees writhing and flailing about, their groans of pain magnified by the wind. But nothing. No answer. I sank down to the unwelcoming floor and whimpered whilst the rain hammered on the ground like a mass of bullets being fired continuously.

Suddenly, my polished, antique desk that was cluttered with unopened bills and letters, crashed down onto the filthy floor, missing my foot by just a few centimetres. I let out a sharp shriek as I realised that I was a small and impotent person in significant danger, like an ant stuck in the middle of a wild stampede. This storm was different. The rain didn't just pour down swiftly: it hailed relentlessly. The distorted trees didn’t simply sway, they groaned as their bare limbs were ripped off. The wind didn’t howl, it bellowed out piercing cries. I felt the storm continue to build and tried to block out the alarming noises outside... but it was no good. I began to panic and became more scared of the ferocious beast outside. Then all of a sudden everything went blank.

By the early morning, the wind had died down and the rain had eased to a drizzle. The sound of the pattering raindrops on the kitchen windows caused me to wake gently. I lay on the cold, hard stone floor as my body ached with pain and fear from the draining hours before. I sat up to see broken branches and limp leaves motionless on the ruined terrain. Once a long row of black sheets, the mass of clouds now began to drift away and slowly shrank into the distance.The rain gradually trickled to a stop as the wind faded. The murky, grey sky returned to its natural colour and a small ray of sunshine shone through onto the scene of destruction, giving hope for a new beginning.

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