My Experience Studying In The UK

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“Renewable Energy in Indonesia – A Sleeping Giant”, cautions the author of Global Business Guide Indonesia (2014), one of references I surveyed this early year for an honor thesis. Despite immense renewable energy resources of Indonesia, much of the potential remains untapped due to the lack of investment and incentives. Currently, renewable energy usage in Indonesia is still low at 6. 8%, considered late compared to other countries. This has encouraged me to embark on postgraduate studies in sustainable energy and advancement of my previous study, chemical engineering. Through my bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Industrial Technology and my professional experience, I have gained profound exposures needed to succeed in my proposed study. Apart from the practical and analytical lectures I have learned in university, now I have known how the small enterprise begins to utilize the limited source producing designed product through my internship in Nano Centre Indonesia.

Also I have enhanced my transferable skills as well as the knowledge required in process industry when I was doing my internship in PT Eastern Pearl Flour Mills. My participation as a chief of project collaborated to PT Pertamina helped me to grasp the renewable energy implication, especially the third generation of solar cell. As a co-author of a journal published in IOP Journals, I developed my ability in research and publishing, which is imperative for conceptualizing energy concern. MSc Sustainable Energy, taught by the University of Glasgow, is my first choice. The course will imbue me with the competencies of technical knowledge in science and engineering of energy production like the modules of Renewable Energy and Energy from Waste. Drawing on the powerful impact that can be learnt from the UK, where energy and environmental management have been affected extensively, I would like to conduct research regarding solar cell from waste as the advancement of my previous research entitled “Fabrication of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell from Dragon Fruit Peel”. Definitely, I am convinced that it can bring me through pursue to develop Indonesia companies which are moving rapidly into renewables. MSc New and Renewable Energy from Durham University is my second choice. I am enthused that Green Great Britain launch in Durham, presented by Durham Energy Institute of Durham University and Durham County Council. It is a great opportunity to study here as they have annual week designed to highlight how businesses and the public can contribute to tackling climate change through renewable energy.

My third preferred course, MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds, is structured to furnish me with a deeper understanding of Chemical Engineering which is one of the foremost aspects to build sustainable energy in industry. I am interested with the state-of-the-art computer software such as modelling and simulation of wide range of process. This course will enable me to design, operate, and manage processes and associated manufacturing plants. Overall, studying in the UK will sustain me the opportunity to sharpen global professional cooperation to support Indonesia’s goal of reaching 23% renewable energy mix by 2025.

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