Music – What I Want To Do In The Future

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The music industry has interested me from a very young age. I have always been willing to learn about the different genres of music and how music is actually made. From each project I’ve done, I’ve always worked hard to put in a lot of effort by playing an instrument or learning about the behind the scenes of a performance. Ever since I was introduced to music, I knew this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Music surrounds me every single day, whether it is listening to music or learning more about it. I was first introduced to music when I had the opportunity to join the choir in primary school. From that, I went on to play the trumpet in the school brass band and this is when I started to take music more seriously. It’s all I wanted to do. Later on, I discovered that my family is quite musical. My uncle plays the guitar and he has helped get the equipment that I need for gigs. I don’t know exactly what field of the music industry I want to work in but I know that I definitely want to make music. I want to develop my skills in writing songs and using software that allows me to experiment with different sounds. When high school came along I started guitar lessons.

Firstly, I learnt the guitar acoustically but when I chose music for GCSE I began to play more types of music including rock. Having the ability to play the guitar introduced me to play the bass. This allowed me to be more confident with the fretboard. This was my chance to join bands and discover more genres of music. I played genres like heavy rock and soft rock. I really enjoyed working with people who had the same interest as me. It wasn’t until college where I stumbled upon the production side of music and gigging at different venues. I have done several gigs for fun days, including one in front of the Blackpool Tower. I have also done a lot of gigs in pubs for college. I really enjoyed these types of gigs because it’s a good atmosphere with the public.

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Doing these types of gigs gives me more confidence. Gigging made me more confident in my performances and practising my parts made it easier for me to perform. Being in bands helped me widen my musical knowledge and understand how to get the right sounds from instruments. College introduced me to Logic Pro, which has allowed me to capture sound and create my own compositions. Also, I am able to create my own soundscapes from a stimulus. My BTEC music course has developed my skills massively. My best performance was a charity gig we did outside of college. It was held in one of the most famous gig venues in Blackpool. This was my best performance because I was able to show off my skills on the guitar and I received compliments of how well I performed. I’ve had the chance to perform at various venues with bands.

The most important gigs are the ones I’ve done for college. These gigs were the ones where I could show of new skills that I have learnt on the guitar and show that I have thought about the different sounds I could use during pieces. Like, using an overdrive pedal. I have provided the rhythm guitar for most performances and the bass for a few. Instrumentally, I enjoy playing a lot of different types of genres. I’m also being provided with extra curricular activities within the technical side of music to boost my skills. By doing these activities, I will be able to tech for many concerts and performances. It is something that I’m really looking forward to achieve and I will gain a lot of knowledge in the production side of music within the next year. I will be setting up the equipment for the performances and I will be making sure that the sound from the front of house is good.

Outside of education, I have worked my first part time job as a waitress since December, at a chinese restaurant. This implies that I have good communication skills along with working well in a team and being very trustworthy. In high school, I was a prefect and this shows that I am capable of showing that I can be responsible and sensible from a teachers point of view. I am always willing to learn and try something new about the music industry. Being in a city which has an amazing musical background makes me even more eager to learn more about what I love. The course I want to study at university will certainly shape me for what I want to do in the future and for the rest of my life.

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