Mineral And Water Functions In Water Consumption

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Some specialized doctors recommend consuming cold water, especially after physical exertion, because it regulates body temperature. There are other doctors who argue that cold water consumption forces the body to expend energy to warm itself, and that this results in the immediate loss of the benefits of the water consumed.

There are other times when we are used to using cold water, but this is not recommended. For example, when a fever rises, we tend to plunge our body into cold water, when it should be done in warm water, or a slightly warm one. Cold water can cause chills and temperature rises by activating a body defence mechanism. Drinking it, in this case, would cause the same negative result.

The real problem

We quite often hear that we have to drink a certain amount of water, the recommended average being two litres a day. If we do not take this average into account, or if we do not expect enough water for our day, we would then be at risk of contracting certain health problems. But every person is different, so to know if you are consuming enough water, the best indicator is your urine.

If it is dark, you do not consume enough water, while if it is light, you consume enough. You should take into account that morning urine (shortly after getting up) is always darker. You must also be careful about your thirst: if your body tells you it is thirsty, you must drink and it doesn't matter if it is cold or hot water.

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The real criterion that influences our health is the quantity and quality of the water we drink. Most of the water we consume must be natural, without artificial flavours (some additives such as mint leaves or lemon slices are allowed) and without sweeteners.

Waters and their therapeutic (or preventive) virtues. Water already has a first virtue: that of hydrating well. When you drink enough and have clear (well diluted) urine, you eliminate well and you are not at risk of stones or urinary tract infections. You don't suffer from dehydration, you keep your blood pressure at your usual level... in short you feel good. However, some waters have mineral compositions - or gas, which can give them additional properties that the mere power of hydration. This is the case of certain calcium, magnesium and carbonated mineral waters...

Calcium mineral waters: if you look closely at the label, you will see that these waters contain more than 150 mg of calcium per litre. Some of them such as Contrex°, Courmayeur°, Hépar° even contain up to 500 mg/litre. When you know that the daily requirement is 900 to 1200 mg of calcium/day (respectively for adults and seniors), this can be a great asset when you eat too few dairy products (less than 3 per day). This is all the more so since the calcium in calcium waters is well fixed on the bones, and not eliminated in the urine as some people tend to suggest. Drinking calcium water is therefore an asset in the event of low calcium intake and/or proven osteoporosis!

Magnesian waters: they are thus called as soon as they contain more than 50 mg/litre. The best known of the magnesian still waters is Hépar° mineral water - and of the magnesian sparkling waters, Rozanna°. They are useful to help better cover the daily need for magnesium (one in five women is known to lack magnesium. Suvimax data). In addition, in the form of magnesium sulfates in Hépar° plain mineral water, it has a small additional laxative effect (useful for treating constipation) that magnesium bicarbonate in Rozanna° sparkling water does not have.

Carbonated waters: they are said to have beneficial effects on digestion. In fact, their high bicarbonate content may help to buffer some of the gastric acidity and thus reduce the sensation of heartburn experienced by some people, as was done in the past with Alka Seltzer, rich in sodium bicarbonate. In reality, the digestive comfort provided by sparkling water varies greatly from one person to another; beloved by some, it can be rejected by others because of the gas it brings; those who do aerophagy, who eat very quickly, who have intense fermentations and who suffer from irritable colon... will feel embarrassed by the consumption of these waters. It is up to everyone to listen to their bodies!

Infant waters: these are actually spring waters or mineral waters with very low mineral content, containing no nitrates and therefore perfectly adapted to the needs of the infant and for the reconstitution of his milk bottles.

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