Mental Slavery: A Mother for Many Slaves in India

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In the modern world, the importance of independent contemplation is important. Often other countries indulge in superstitions on Indians, but this error is only in our country in the dark half of the last few hundred years, otherwise, Vedic literature explicitly supports independent thinking. Because the discretion of free contemplation is not awake and without it, it is not possible to realize the best path favorable in many ways. There is some facility for others to follow, but the path of the chief lady is blocked. Like the people of lazy, people and luxurious instincts, do not want to be happy with their body, they are shocked by the same, many people In the world of thought and mind, there is always parasitic nature. They want others to give thought direction by meditating and contemplating them, and I keep following that path just like an animal being silent. There is no liability for me to be good and bad in that path, no one can impute the blame for it being bad, but while doing so, it does not know that one of the many paths is to choose one of its paths It is also the sole responsibility of taking tax.

Therefore they not be successful in proving themselves innocent. Yet the mental and intellectual laziness of such people is not overcome. Such humans can be treated equally with those sheep, which can fall into the well by keeping the attitude of following a sheep. Humanity's personality can never be forgotten in this instinct. He is often proved to be unfit to do great work in his life. Many people study, but not all scholars, what is the reason? How many people read thousands of books, how many rats do they have, even if they have no definitive idea, there is no independent thought, so that very large reading-study will also be unable to establish the importance of his personality to his personality. While an independent thinker and contemplative person build a unique personality in society and nation with the help of some of his studies. Just as the babies born from the body regard man as his offspring, give him affection and affection, try his best to make his life flourish, in the same way, if we can give respect and affection to our independent thoughts, they seem like ordinary The thoughts of ours place our personality in such a special form, as we give our children their appearance.

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By not doing so, if we did not use it in the behavior of others, by filling our memory reserves, he always kept others, eating it like food and digested it as a part of our thoughts. All of our studies have become a burden for us, destroying our power, not confirming. Therefore, if we do not want to be human only by being a burden of animals, then the object of which we are curious should not be determined by listening, learning and studying with others, but if that knowledge is accepted by our conscience, Let it goes down in the middle, let your mind, speech and behavior be overflowing with it. The name of this is independent contemplation and meditation, otherwise, it is infallible - the flower of paper is mere. As the mother drinks the milk of milk and drinks water, drinking water, and taking other food from the Goddess of nature, our body becomes fertile and increases, similarly it is also the state of the basic ideas of every person. He grows by adopting a nutritious element from all directions for his maturity, but he does not lose himself in those elements. The person who lost himself in that, he does not become a tree or a person, but he also becomes food manure himself, and after sucking it, making followers, others grow and grow. To give a definite and distinctive look to your thoughts, it should continue to manifest through speech and writing. Reactivation should be adapted and refined by following the speech and writing. Those thoughts that start doing such practice begin to get infected in our conduct and one day we ourselves become the idol of the idea of that idea. This is the result of right pure, contemplation.

This creation is infinite in an inclusive form. Therefore, any form of creation here is not entirely the same as the creation form and shape. Therefore, before making a discriminating personal creation, we should contemplate and meditate on our own. How we want to be, it also arises from your differences as a result of serious contemplation and meditation, the other not give it. Due to the inferiority of discretion, man becomes headless and subdued. He understands everything he has done in the past. In his heart, it often comes the idea that 'whatever our ancestors have done, what can we do more than what big people in our society are doing. We should emulate them as much as possible. Such mentality results in mental retardation of every standard and the path of progress stops.

Mental slavery is the mother of all kinds of slaves. When the driver of the body is impaired, the molecule of the body is inadequate. There is no specific purpose of publishing his power, but he has no definite purpose. He is a boat that can be screwed up anywhere. The emotions of all human life are, 'emotions. These values follow our original tendencies. Emotions are manufactured in mind. Their high or bad form is based on the motivating forces of the mind. When the mind becomes paralyzed, the soul gets passed away from the root. His ambition is constantly decaying. There is hope in hope. Such a person does not know what he is? What is its actual nature? Which direction does he have to move forward? Due to the slavery of the slavery-hardened beats, the heart of the mind does not own itself but also destroys its masters.

If we look at others as timid, then we should understand that we should also be like this. Such is the real nature of man. We see such a bad environment around us. We give more importance to worming experiences. We do not use the thinking power ourselves, but we try to paralyze the motion of thought. We do not use self-restraint mental power, but the example of another establishes private life on the system. We think that our ancestors have been doing what our leaders are doing, whatever our other brothers have earned, that is ours also. That is what we should get. We collect slaves and slaves from our environment and collect garbage in the mind. In time, the atmosphere of the mind becomes impure. Our society, our home, our environment or the task of livelihood becomes an aid to moral slavery, and we do not leave the world poor. It is mental slavery to stop the development of mind by artificial means.

We may consider mental slavery as a psychological disease. Many kinds of illusions, abusive fantasies, frustrating discouragement, etc. create a complex gland of self-mortification in the mind area. These glands become very powerful over time. Then these responses go on various activities of day-to-day activities. The functions of our phobia often occur as a result of this gland. Many concocted anti-rituals are kept on the memorial screen. Old Failures Unpleasant experiences enter the conscious mind with a latent mind and throw their lights on every occasion. As the rays of light are dispersed lightly with a fine cloth, in the same way, the glance of self-righteousness and bondage of slavery often manifested in every work and made it incomplete. Sometimes the physical weakness of the human being, weaknesses, the shortcomings of the limbs, the social conditions poverty, the weaknesses of the country, all the growth of mental slavery. The reason for mental slavery in India is the dark environment and the incest of animalistic practices. From time to time, in the country, from adolescents, mental slavery also runs the order of decreasing or accretion.

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