Lolita And Humbert Love In Nabokov's Novel

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In the book Lolita, there are many examples of sexual attraction to young females. In this book, Humbert can’t express his love to Lolita without turning her into an item that’s towards lust. Humbert started talking about his relations with other women before the little girl Lolita. In Vladimir Nabokov is Lolita, uses Humbert to demonstrate sexual perversion and attraction to innocence. The love Humbert feels for young girls is connected with his sexual desires as a one who has pedofilic characteristics. Humbert had these perverse acts since his childhood. In the beginning of Lolita, he started to explain his love for a young girl named Annabel Leigh. Leigh was twelve, while he was 14, which shows how his perverted ways started when he was young. They were only friends, but sooner than later they became lovers. They tried to have sexual intercourse, but it never worked out to well for them. Leigh later died from typhus, resulting in Humbert to become sexually attracted to younger women. He started to show that he is sexually attracted to young girls because of Annabel by stating that, “The spiritual and physical had been blended in us with perfection that must remain incomprehensible to the matter-of-fact, crud, standard-brained youngsters of today” (Nabokov 16). He is attracted to younger girls because of her, and after she passed away from her disease, he tries to find love, even through multiple young girls. He explains how his first love reminds him of this young girl he fell in love with later on in the novel. He explains how he wanted to break this sexual chain that he couldn’t with his first love. He didn’t admit to this, but he talks about how he wasn’t able to sleep with Leigh, but then he states that he made attempts at breaking that spell twenty years later.

Humbert calls these young girls that he finds attractive, nymphets. “Between the age limits of nine and fourteen there occur maidens who, to certain bewitched travelers, twice or many times older than, they reveal their true nature which is not human, but nymphic” (18). This shows his perverted ways, as the word nymphet means to see a young girl sexually mature. If he could call younger girl nymphets, this is showing how disgusting he is in the head. Humbert calling a young girl a nymphet is not okay as it shows how much of deviant person he is. While he’s watching these “nymphets” play, he wonders how they would grow up in the real world. He is very obsessed with these young girls and doesn’t even want them to grow up and grow out of their child-like features. Humbert wishes that they would “Never grow up,” as all Humbert wants to do is sit around in local parks to stare at little girls for his sexual fantasies (22).

Humbert even discusses how he started sleeping with these younger girls he came into contact with. He explained how he had slept with a teenage prostitute named Monique, even though he is the one who had asked her for some of her prostitution service after meeting her on the street. After sometime, since Monique was maturing into a grown woman, Humbert wanted to stop sleeping with her as he doesn’t find older women attractive. When he stopped sleeping with her, he then asks another French woman to help him find a new attractive nymphet. This woman was very disgusted that he asked her this, but then refers him to someone new. He did not consider this other girl as a nymphet. He finds this girl so disgusting that he doesn’t want to have sexual intercourse with her. Humbert tried to get up and leave from her. She sees him trying to leave and becomes furious. In the end, he pays her for her services because he didn’t want her bothering him again.

In an attempt to pass his perversion, Humbert marries a girl named Valeria. He only married her because of her childlike characteristics. She ends up falling in love with him, but then he slowly starts to see her not as an attractive when they had married. He then decides to leave her, but when his uncle passed away, he has to go and run his uncle’s business. While he is working in his uncle business, Valeria admits on having an affair on him while he is away. After her confession, he plots to kill her because he felt betrayed, as he believed that she would have never acted that way towards him. He planned on killing her, but his plan never worked out because the guy who she had an affair with came and picked her up. Humbert starts to believe that marrying someone around his age is not fit for him, and comes to this conclusion since she had cheated on him. This caused Hubert to go back to watching little girls in the park because he feels that he could have control over them, something he didn’t quite have in his past marriage. He only went to watch these little girls again because he didn’t have anywhere to stay since he lost his house in the divorce, so he slept in local parks to watch them. Humbert feels that these young girls wouldn’t cheat on him or disrespect him because they wouldn’t be capable of falling in love, since in his mind, they would be scared to do so.

Since Humbert was homeless and needed a place to stay, he got offered to stay with people who had little girls, he took these offerings. His uncle suggested that he should stay with his friend. He said that staying with them was perfect because that had a twelve year old daughter. He starts to get on the train while learning about their home from letters. “Imagining in all possible detail the enigmatic nymphet (35). He’s just imagining all the mysterious thing him and this young girl would be able to do. It’s so sad that he’s just imagining things to do with this young girl and nobody else in this home. This is a very suspicious that he would only want to stay because of this young girl. As he gets to the stop he notices that nobody is there to meet where they were supposed too. He ends up finding out that there house had burned down. So they send him to this young lady house to stay. They send him to this lady named Charlotte. He wasn’t sure if he would like to stay with her because she was too into cultural and community activities. He said that Charlotte wasn’t unattractive but appears to be boring to him by the activities she does. Humbert did not like living in her neighborhood he felt that it was creepy, however he started to enjoy living their once he seen Charlotte daughter. Charlotte daughter was named Dolores, but he calls her Lolita. He says that Lolita reminds him of his first love Annabel. He called Annabel his “Riviera love”(38), then as he sees Dolores walks in he says that she is the perfect resemblance of his first love. “I find it most difficult to express with adequate force that flash, that shiver, that impact of passionate recognition” (39). He explains how he is so satisfied with this young girl looks and how he’s acknowledging her looks so fast. Once he saw this beauty walks in, he makes it so clear that he wants to live with them. He sees this young girl and just decides to stay with charlotte. Now if it was just Charlotte by herself, he probably wouldn’t have stayed with them. Charlotte and Humbert have been planning to go to lakes with Lolita, but the plans always get cancelled because of church and community stuff. When this lake trip got canceled Humbert was excited because Lolita had a classmate who was a girl to comfort them. He enjoyed this, having two little girls to himself was great new to himself.

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Humbert gets excited about having Lolita by himself. He, Charlotte, and Lolita was supposed to take a trip to the lake. The trip got canceled, this had upset Lolita. She got so upset she became angry with her mother and decided not to go to church. This made Humbert so happy that she didn’t want to go, so he could have her alone by himself. He gets so happy that when Charlotte goes off too church he begun to pick with Lolita. While she was eating a apple, he snatches it out of her hand, she tells him to give it back. He gives her the apple back, as she bites it he starts to get playful with her. She then snatches a magazine from him so that he had to hide this orgasm he has going on. She searched through the magazine looking for something to show Humbert. When she found something interesting to her, Humbert leaned up close to her to act like he was interested in what she was talking about. He did this, so her hair could connect with his head. While this movement is happening he began to get an orgasm. While she is playing around with him she puts both her legs across his lap. He says “I was in a state of excitement bordering on insanity” (56). He felt very excited that he got an orgasm from Lolita, but he feels like a fool. He then laters let his foolish feelings go, and ends up being proud that he got this minor. Humbert said, “I felt proud of myself. I had stolen the honey of a spasm without impairing the morals of a minor”(59). He feels good that he didn’t destroy a child but could satisfy himself.

Humbert believes that he cannot stay with Charlotte if Lolita is not there. Humbert finds out that Charlotte plans to send Lolita to summer camp because of her behavior. He planned to stay in a boarding house until she come home to return. A couple of days before Lolita leaves, he had said something to her. As they are laughing Humbert decided to pat her coccyx, and she hits him Charlotte shoes. Then him and Charlotte went to have dinner, Lolita didn’t want to have dinner with them because she didn’t want to eat with creepy Hum. After Humbert gets done eating he thinks about how he fell in love with Lolita and she wouldn’t be this Lolita forever. He ends up saying “ In two years or so she would cease being a nymphet and would turn into a “young girl” and then, into a “college” -- that horror of horrors” (62). He tells us that he is frightened that in two years she wouldn’t be his nymphet anymore and would become a young girl he won’t be able to tease anymore. The next day was the day that Lolita was going to camp, before she went off to camp she kissed Humbert.

Humbert decides to stay with Charlotte because he is so in love with Lolita. While Humbert is reminiscing from the kiss Lolita gave him, the maid give him a letter. Charlotte had wrote him while taking Lolita to summer camp. In this letter Charlotte had confessed her love to him. She says in this letter if he feels the same love as she do towards him, that he would stay but if not, he would be gone. He decides to go up to Lolita room and look around. He then thought about marrying Charlotte just to stay close with her daughter. While thinking about marrying her he thinks about putting them to sleep with sleeping pills, so he could have sex with Lolita. He decided to call the summer camp to get in touched with Charlotte. While he was trying to get in touched to Charlotte to tell her that he planned on marrying her, Lolita picked up. Humbert tries to tell Lolita and she wasn’t paying him any attention, but he had hopes to get her back after marrying her mom.Charlotte starts to talk about Lolita making Humbert upset. He says, ” Oh, she simply hated her daughter” (76). Charlotte talks about how she wants to send Lolita off to Boarding school. She even seemed to dislike Lolita because she felt comfortable around Humbert. He even says, “She had been annoyed by Lo’s liking me” (78). He believes that Charlotte doesn’t want Lolita round with them because she feel close with Humbert. Charlotte doesn’t want her daughter closer to the guy she is in love with.

Charlotte ends up in a tragic accident. Charlotte goes to drop off some letters but ends up slipping into a car swerving. Humbert then goes outside and only picks up the letters from this little girl. Humbert then starts to drink heavily and thinks of how he is going to get Lolita. Their neighbors comes to check on him, he tells them that him and Charlotte had an affair when he was married to Valeria. So these neighbors believe that he could be Lolita father. He then asked that they do not tell her about her mother death, so it wouldn’t upset her while she is at camp. He also tell them that he plans to go and take her on a road trip.Humbert goes to get Lolita from camp. When humbert goes and get Lolita from camp, he thinks about being this perfect father to her. He forgets about it and realizes how much he loves her. He then lies to her and says that her mother is in the hospital. He told Lo, “the doctors did not quite know yet what the trouble was”(103). He tells her that her mother is in the hospital knowing that she is really dead. He wants her to believe this because he know that if she knows she is alive, she would be questioning why it is just him. While they are in the car he ends up kissing her. She decided to kiss him back. “ I felt her big front teeth and shared in the peppermint taste of her saliva” (105). He explains how this girl kiss taste which unusual for a grown man to say about a young girl. They then stops at a hotel nearby so they could get some rest.

He decided to gone ahead ain’t take this innocent little girl purity and tries to hide it bby trying to comfort her. He was strongly desired to start caressing this sleeping Lo. He starts to say that he wasn’t meaning to do this to her while she was sleeping. He did this to her while she was unconscious is showing that he cares about his desires. Humbert will go after what he wants. After he did that to Lo he end up going to the public bathroom. A dude sees him and accuses him of doing inappropriate things with Lolita but then this guy kept getting scared when Humbert asked him to repeat himself. Humbert goes back tup to the hotel and Lolita is a little awake. When they got up in the morning Lolita wakes him up and tries to have sex with him. It’s weird that he just took her precious purity while she was sleep but doesn’t want to do it while she is wide awake. He wants to make it seem that he’s really in love with her and wouldn’t do anything like that towards her even though he had sex with her without her knowing. They decides to get back on the road without telling anyone about where they going. Lolita starts to feel very weird in her area but she is very confused as to what happened. While she’s confused and hurting, Humbert is feeling guilty but still wants her. Humbert did a lot of damage to this young girl. Lolita starts to figure out that she was really raped. Humbert tries to comfort her so she wouldn’t feel terrible. Lolita had threatened to tell the police on him because she is this innocent girl. Lolita wants to call her mom, but Humbert got frustrated and told her that her mother passed away. He then tells her if she accused him she would end up at a alternative school. He then tries to get her mind off these terrible things by buying her clothes.

Humbert gets very jealous with Lolita and others starts to see their sexual acts. He sees her flirting with boys her age and gets very upset thinking she wants attention. He makes it seem that he is only mad as her father towards other parents. He thinks that when he is having sex with her, gives boys to attract her. He tries to go to these parks to watch these little girl play at parks but Lolita always wants to do activities in these parks. He gets mad that he won’t be able to watch these other children play because the girl he is in love with wants do other things. He tries his best to do everything she likes so if somebody ask about his sexual desires with her she wouldn’t snitch. People starts seeing these sexual acts and they end up escaping. Humbert wanted to relieve this love he had with Annabel by taking Lolita to beach. They end up having sex outside on the beach. He ends up touching Lolita in a movie theatre and these women caught him. Before they could tell on him he escaped trying to keep is cover.

Lolita planned to escape from Humbert and she lets him throw a party.. Lolita was saving money to get away from Humbert. If Humbert didn’t want to give her money she would not give him the sexual acts he wanted from her. He believed he was too weak to and was under her control. By him being up under her control he allowed Lolita to have a party with boys. While Humbert has this party he seems to worry about Lolita attracting these boys. He feel if she becomes more interested in the guys, she is going to forget about him.

Humbert perversion started all because he didn’t get these sexual desires with his first love. He admits to being attracted to girls that are between the age of nine and 14. Humbert calls these young girls nymphets, letting everyone know that he is only attracted to little girls. He talks about sleeping with young prostitutes but got to them because they started to grow up. He’s only attracted to nymphets. He then tries to get over his perversion, but the woman cheated on him. Once this young woman cheated on him he felt that all women will cheat, so he went back to nymphets. Humbert feels that nymphets can’t hurt him because they are not smart enough to cheat on him, he wants to control them. Humbert was quite excited to find out that the people he was going to stay with had kids who were girls. Humbert felt like he could get what he wants from these innocent girls. He becomes more excited to find out that a woman he is staying with leaves so he could be with her daughter by himself. He even caught an orgasm just by this girl hair touching his head. Humbert ends up marrying Lolita mom just so he could stay as close as possible to her. He gets very angry when someone talks about his precious Lo. Lolita mother dies so he goes and pick her up from camp and hide so many lies from her. He lied so he could get what he wanted from her. He ends up taking her virginity without her consent while she was sleep. He hate to see his precious Lo flirt with someone other than him. Humbert is also a very jealous of things Lolita does and gets a little upset when guys flirts with her. Humbert let’s her throw a party so she wouldn’t feel like he is holding her hostage. 

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