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Moral Lessons In Nabokov's Novel Lolita

With the novel wrapped in realism and romance, satire runs from the beginning of the novel to the very end as Nabokov ridicules the high moral value of the Foreword that attributes to the novel which essentially reassures the reader in the Afterword that moral...

Lolita And Humbert Love In Nabokov's Novel

In the book Lolita, there are many examples of sexual attraction to young females. In this book, Humbert can’t express his love to Lolita without turning her into an item that’s towards lust. Humbert started talking about his relations with other women before the little...

Lolita as A Dangerous Piece of Fiction

 Released in 1958, in America, “Lolita has been read by millions and written about by thousands”, as Durantaye said. Many have regarded Lolita as a dangerous piece of fiction, and they have debated its ethical perspective. In my opinion, this novel stands between beauty and...

The Influence of Lolita To The World Fashion

In the ancient society, the strange dress is regarded as a symbol of cult, especially in the area of religious rights and under the influence of the government, but in the pluralistic society, you are not used to what kind of religion, what beliefs are...

Lolita as A Classic In Psychiatric Circles

 The ‘artist’ responsible for the novel, Humbert Humbert, should provide a good basis upon which the main ethical questions of Lolita can be properly examined. “As a case history, “Lolita” will become, no doubt, a classic in psychiatric circles” (Lolita, 5) writes psychologist John Ray...

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