The Improper Romanticization of “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov

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The classic novel “Lolita” by Vladimir Nabokov should be considered as a horror story because of the future romanticization of pedophilia the book itself has caused on modern society. as well as the symbolization in both the novel and the movie regarding themes both supporting and normalizing the horrific thing that is known as pedophilia.. “Lolita”; a relationship between a forty year old man and a twelve year old girl is normalized and romanticized wrongfully. “Lolita” is known as a romance novel, and the later adaptation in film is considered as a romance themed film although it is a horrific story of a young girl manipulated by a trusted figure in her life, and the context is enough to believe that it should be labeled as a horror story.

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The romanticization of “Lolita” is horrifying, the book and movie depict a twelve year old girl manipulated into a sexual relationship with her stepfather after her mother is killed after finding out about their inappropriate relationship. Their relationship is normalized throughout the book the relationship they share is justified as a normal thing and the character known as Lolita; Dolores is often the focal point of the older man’s violence when she disagrees with what he wants from her. Their inappropriate, pedophilic, violent relationship is often considered as romantic which is wrongfully disgusting. Pedophilia could be considered as a main theme in “Lolita” because the entire plot is based around a sexual relationship between a forty year old man and a twelve year old girl. Lolita has inspired quite disgusting relationships with large age gaps between young underage girls and older men. it’s quite horrific how a novel can normalize pedophilia. Lolita has made a massive impact on modern society, which mostly is negatively influenced.

It’s considerably frustrating to many people that one novel and two movies have caused pedophiles to think it’s okay to prey on children because in the book it’s romanticized. The symbolization in Lolita is as equally disturbing as its subject matter, the novel itself has many aspects of symbolization within characters, physical objects and things as simple as sayings used in the novel itself. The first aspect of symbolization we are introduced to is a character named Annabelle, who symbolized much more than her character role as Humbert’s childhood sweetheart. Annabelle is a symbol of Humbert’s youth, she is the reason he is so attached to his childhood and the sole reason he is attracted to his stepdaughter Dolores; Lolita. The biggest symbol in Lolita would have to be the character Lolita; Dolores herself.

Dolores is a symbol of temptation, innocence and a symbol of youth. A symbol that not many people realize are Dolores’ sunglasses. Her sunglasses symbolize her being naive and in a sense being blinded to Humbert’s manipulation toward her. The nature of Lolita is quite disgusting, the plot matter and symbolization romanticizes pedophilia. It’s somewhat unbelievable that Lolita can excuse pedophilia, and it’s disgusting how it can be perceived as romantic and okay. And it’s horrific how it’s considered as fine literature. It’s terrible to think that a novel written long ago still to this day how could ever make someone ever think it’s okay to harm a child.

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