Life Lessons in the Diary of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was a 13-year-old Jewish that has made a big impact on people around the world. Making us realize the crimes we create are destroying all of humanity just because some of us have different views and beliefs are certain things. If you don't already know, Anne Frank and her family successfully survived the Holocaust for two years. That's was until their hiding spot, The Secret Annex, was raided by nazi who found out about it. I will giving an analysis on this story and why it came to be. I believe that the whole reason behind Anne Frank's diary was so she could interpret how hard it was to be Jewish and live during the Holocaust. Her diary seemed to be the only place where she could display her true feelings on what she had been thinking about the past couple of years she had been up in the attic. She had been facing some serious discrimination coming from the Germans. In the late 1930s and early 1940s the Nazis had basically terminated all of the Jewish citizens life. Including jobs, schools, and just being able to peacefully walk down a street. In attempt to wipe them all out, the Nazis created concentration camps. Inside of concentration camps, they weren't even treated like living things anymore, that's how bad it had gotten. In order for Anne and her family not to be sent to one of those, they had to keep quiet and cautious in The Secret Annex all day.

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Despising all of the horrible discrimination Anne had went through, she still seemed like a content optimistic child. She was talkative, didn't seem afraid to say what she thought about you, a joker, and had many friends. When in the attic she was a hyper-excited girl that was ready to find her place in the world. When she received her diary you can tell how eager she was to start recording her life.

Anne Frank wanted to become successful journalists. One quote from her diary said 'I finally realized that I must do my school work to keep from being ignorant to get on in life, to become a journalist because that's what I want!' Even in that one little chunk of her diary she seems so enthusiastic and ready to get on with her life. No question about it, Anne Frank is a hero. She was tough, a fighter, and maybe would crack a joke here and there. Anne is an amazing inspiration because most people wouldn't be able to be so happy after going through as much as she went through. Sadly, when Anne was taken to a concentration camp she passed away not too long after, but I bet in the time she was there she was trying to make the most out of the few months she knew she had left. If you're wondering how Anne's diary was found, after the holocaust Anne's father was the only survivor out of the eight people living in The Secret Annex. Anne's diary was found and her father made it his responsibility to grant her wish of being a journalist and had helped get it published.

For what I've learned from Anne Frank is to make the best out of every situation, both good and bad ones. She showed the good in people and how you shouldn't live in constant fear of what might happen, basically telling us to live in the present. With these life lessons in mind, one should reflect back on their life and the good things you did, oppose to the bad things happen. As well as the answer being yes, Anne Frank is an inspiration.

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