An Inspirational and Heartbreaking Story of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank was a upstander during WWII mainly because she recorded her acts during the holocaust, and this made her well-known after the journal had been published by her father. Anne Frank lived in germany for the first 10 years of her life before Nazis took over Germany in the beginning of WWII. This caused her family to move to the Netherlands in hope of not being put in a concentration camp. This made life harder for her and her family as the war progressed on until on her 13th birthday she was given her journal. This gave her free time to write whatever she wanted until 2 weeks later where she heard that the Nazis had invaded the Netherlands to capture jews and take them to concentration camps. Her and her family took this to consideration and ready for it by hiding in a bunker prepared by her family for this situation. They then went into hiding waiting for it to end.

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Over the time that they had grown board so, Anne starts to record her experiences in her journal. She would talk about her family, her living, what she would be doing like looking out the window and watching time pass by. She would often talk about a tree that she looks at out the window to tell the seasons. This was her way of also passing time and keeping track of the weather from windy, raining, summer, winter, autumn, spring, ext. This was one of her few ways of passing time some over examples would include, reading, writing, playing with siblings, and about 1 or 2 more things that I can remember. Her books were one of the 2 things she enjoyed most(that and of course her journal)she would love to read as it kept her busy and relaxed. She would often read novels as they interested her the most.

Her siblings and friends were also with her as they would give a way to keep them busy. They would play things from writing games, to throwing balls around, to playing hand games.She lived a happy and quiet life for 2 years until a person betrayed her and her family for unknown reasons. This would be the last anyone would hear of Anne Frank and her family until the end of the war. After being sent to concentration camps they suffered the same treatment other Jews did when they were there. They had lived poorly in concentration camps for an unknown amount of time. She, her sister, and her mother were soon separated from their family after arriving at the camp. She was subdued to harsh weather, cramped living spaces, and disease´s.

However her family soon started to die from starvation, sickness, overworking ext. This was hard for her to cope with but she soon met her fate by dying of a Typhus fever. This was sad as British forces invaded the camp soon after and saved all captives. Fortunately her father Otis Frank was the only survivor and when he came back home he discovered his daughters journal whom that was saved by their maid. He realises none of his family had returned making him the only survivor of the Franks. He later reads the journal and sees how interesting it was. He published the book for the world to see the family's experience.

The book shows her reputation as a upstander and has since been translated in over 40 languages. Anne Frank has been one of the most influential up standers during WWII. She had been a great inspiration to us all and showed us that upstanding comes in more than 1 form. Anne frank had been a great person despite her age, but her effort truly shined with her journal. And this is proven by many people and me myself say this is fact not fiction. Anne Frank has been proven as a up-stander in WWII.

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