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The Purest Form of Human Society in Augustine's City of God

The city of God is a book that one can read many times and every time discover an enormous amount of wisdom which is hard to comprehend probably in a lifetime. Augustine uncovers many interesting topics which are worth to consider and contemplate about. One...

Why Does Augustine Believe You Can Only Get Happiness Through God

Our underlying problem, according to Augustine, has to do with affection. Our problem is misplaced tenderness. We love the unfit things, or we love the correct stuff in the unsuitable way. For specimen, we wrongly tenderness power, fame, wealth, presence, and many other stuff that...

Finding Solution and Comfort in God with St. Augustine

St. Augustine’s solution to the problem of evil is a rather direct one, in that evil does not exist. Evil, in Augustine’s writings, is an opposite to the goodness that emanates from the ultimate being. Thus, Augustine argues that evil, due to its parallel relationship...

A Remarkable Journey through Augustine's "The City of God"

During my leisurely stroll along the shores of Utica, an astonishing sight befell my eyes — an enormous human molar tooth that could be divided into a hundred pieces, each the size of our modern teeth. This extraordinary find led me to contemplate the significance...

An Innate Desire and God in Augustine's Confessions

Augustine believes that God had intended for man to obey God and woman to obey both God and man. He also thought that God intended there to be a hierarchy between body and soul. The soul, being rational, moral, and capable of understanding was to...

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