Legalization of Marijuana: Economic and Medicinal Benefits

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As a famous quote goes “Marijuana, the healing of the Nation” is not farfetched since there are several benefits of this peculiar herb. However, there are several controversies against this herb because it is believed to be an addictive drug and its use can be dangerous to the safety of the public. In the past, the Jamaican government had been against the use of marijuana because of the same reasons as prior mentioned until 2015 when marijuana had been decriminalized. This status of decriminalization will be short-lived due to the extent of research that has now been done on this herb. This is because the legalization of marijuana will not eventually result in more harm than good because of its health benefits and its economic benefits.

The legalization of marijuana will not cause more harm than good because of its health benefits within the health sector. It has been proven that the use of marijuana has been associated with the relieving of chronic pain due to its chemical makeup. This benefit of relieving pain can help decrease a patient’s physical suffering like dentist-patient given morphine to relieve their toothache. In addition, marijuana is useful in calming frequent violent mood swings in children with autism. This is helpful since parents of this individual can be able to see their child as being a danger to them and themselves. Autism can cause very unpredictable behavior and marijuana using its calming effects can be able to subdue the violet mood swings which can be seen in children. Marijuana also has a compound; cannabinol (CBD) which is beneficial in treatment-resistant epilepsy. There has been some epilepsy medication, in which the patient’s body has become resistant to the drug therapy. However, the use of marijuana as an adjuvant has helped reduce this resistance. As a result, these health benefits have proven the reasons why the legalization of marijuana will not do more harm than good.

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Furthermore, the legalization of marijuana will not cause more harm than good because of its economic benefits. This was highlighted by the Jamaican government wanting to be a part of the Marijuana business since it is believed to cash in about $50 million within a decade. This is a means of improving Jamaica’s economic status while making a market for marijuana since the country has all the required resources to grow the herb optimally. Additionally, Colorado's recreational marijuana sale was US 34.1 million in August and the World Bank believes marijuana can aid Jamaica. This recommendation to use Colorado’s method of marijuana sale indicates that Jamaica can also earn capital from the same method to improve the country’s economic crisis. Moreover, Amsterdam gets 5.2 million tourists annually to the country’s café and it is implied that the Jamaican tourist economy can income from this. The Jamaican economy can gravitate to this practice and help improve the country’s foreign exchange. Therefore, the Jamaican economy can flourish because the legalization of marijuana does not result in more harm than good.

On the other hand, critics have argued that the legalization of marijuana would cause more harm than good because it increases the risk of mental health. Research from the National Institute on drug abuse has suggested that smoking marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times. Additionally, Marijuana is related to a reduction in brain regions which is linked with psychosis and cognitive deficits. These suggestions have implied that it’s better to not smoke marijuana and visit ‘cloud nine’ since the herb can cause severe mental disorders.

Although, marijuana is linked to a deterioration in mental health, however, its medicinal benefits have seemed to overrule the implied negative effect. One critical piece of evidence was emphasized by King who had suggested that a single dose of CBD could significantly reduce brain activity seen in patients with psychosis. It was also evident in a recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience has shown that CBD has significant therapeutic efficacy for the treatment of schizophrenia. This evidence has proven that even patients with schizophrenia (mental disorder) are able to gain treatment from the use of marijuana. Consequently, the legalization of marijuana is still not doing more harm than good and as such should be viewed with an open mind for more prosperity for the country.

Accordingly, the legalization of marijuana will not cause more harm than good because of the medicinal attributes it can provide to the country, especially for patients with psychosis. Legalizing marijuana can also prove to stabilize the country’s economic downfall by making it a means of bringing income to Jamaica. Hence, is it not a shame to not let Marijuana heal this nation?

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