Leadership of Leonidas in 300 Spartans

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300, the movie is an adaptation of Frank Miller’s fictional graphic novel based on the Battle of Thermopylae which took place in 400 B.C. It depicts a vivid story of honor portrayed by the sturdy 300 Spartan warriors led by King Leonidas who made a heroic stand at the narrow Hot Gates passage against the insurmountable Persian army commanded by Xerxes, a self-proclaimed larger-than-life pierced and golden monstrous deity. Even though, the Spartans were hapless as compared to the Persians, King Leonidas’ heroic strategic placements and strong appetite for valour warded off the Persians in one of history’s most epic military battle. Importance of leadership, strategy planning and team spirit has been portrayed in several ways.

Introduction to 300: Prepare for Glory

Leonidas, king of Sparta, drives a little power of three hundred men, his own protector, to a place known as the Hot Gates to meet an innumerable crowd of threatening Persians in battle. Kept by mysterious profession from taking the whole Spartan armed force, Leonidas is completely mindful that the mission is self-destructive. Joined by around 6,700 different warriors from different Greek urban communities, Leonidas and his three hundred hold off a few strikes by the Persians until in the end they are sold out. As a young man of maybe ten years, Leonidas, similar to all Spartan young men, had been crashed into the wild, alone and unarmed, to test his quality and sly. Followed by a colossal wolf, Leonidas created a wobbly lance and tricked the wolf into a thin crevice in a precipice. The wolf sought after Leonidas until the point when its development was seriously confined whereupon the kid executed the wolf, returning triumphant to Sparta where he was in the end to end up ruler. Subsequent to ruling for a long time Leonidas gets the agent of ruler Xerxes of Persia. The emissary requests a token motion of oppression to Xerxes, Leonidas declines to be so humbled and executes the agent and his entourage. The next year news of an enormous Persian intrusion achieves Sparta. Leonidas wants to sally against the Persians with the whole Spartan armed force at the same time, as required by law, first looks for the counsel and assent of the ephors who the senior citizens of Sparta were. Thus, the ephors counsel the spiritualist prophet, a young lady, who requests the Carneia, a religious celebration, be watched and demands that no Spartan armed force activate amid the religious time frame. Leonidas, frustrated, comes back to Sparta without understanding the Persians have effectively paid off the degenerate ephors. Kept from activating the Spartan armed force, Leonidas decides to go out for a stroll through the farmland. The ruler, detecting his thought process, demands his whole close to home guardian, numbering three hundred, go with him. Leonidas consequently strolls north with his entourage until meeting, evidently by chance, different troopers amassing for the safeguard of Greece.

Leonidas, driving a blended power of around 7,000 men, achieves a prohibitive pass referred to differently as Hell's Mouth or the Hot Gates; history recollects the area as Thermopylae. There he prepares his pitiful power to meet the tremendous Persian armed force, supposed to be made out of many countries and a huge number of men. A distorted hunchback named Ephialtes approaches Leonidas in camp. Ephialtes clarifies that his dad, a Spartan, after the introduction of a disfigured youngster had gone into outcast instead of submit child murder as required by Spartan law. Ephialtes presents himself as prepared and fit and expresses a longing to battle nearby the Spartans to recapture the respect of his family. Leonidas decreases to acknowledge him and Ephialtes diverts himself from a precipice in an unsuccessful suicide. The Persian armed force arrives, and different experiences are battled. Each fight demonstrates an unequivocal triumph for Leonidas and his three hundred Spartans, and the Persian armed force endures appalling and steady misfortunes. At that point Epilates recaptures cognizance and, upset at Leonidas' reprimand, searches out the Persian lord Xerxes to illuminate the ruler of a shrouded mountain pass which leads around the Hot Gates. Inside hours, components of the immense Persian armed force cross around the Hot Gates and circle the Greeks. Beside a bunch of special cases, all non-Spartan Greeks desert their post as everybody understands that to stay behind methods unavoidable demise. Leonidas celebrates, understanding his name will be deified and his passing will rally Sparta, as well as all of Greece, to a typical reason. He dispatches the Spartan Dilios, an injured storyteller, to escape from the Hot Gates and convey the news to Sparta. In a last fight Leonidas and his three hundred play out their fair obligation with unique excellence before being slaughtered to a man. As Leonidas anticipated, their flag activity arouses Greek obstruction. The realistic novel closes with Dilios driving an organization of Spartans into fight at Plataea. Preceding dashing into battle, he empowers his men by describing the narrative of Leonidas at the Hot Gates and after that reviewing the ongoing Athenian conclusive maritime triumph at Salamis.

Leadership king Leonidas – Leaders are Made not Born

He grew up figuring out how to shield his city-state, Sparta. As a youngster warrior, King Leonidas battled and vanquished lethal creatures with his exposed knuckles. Living in hazardous occasions. Sparta was under steady danger from eastern adversaries. The “Persian cowards”, as Leonidas depicts them, are out to vanquish the enlightened world. Expertly he is a warrior-lord. Leonidas was not the sort of lord who only gives orders; rather, he's out on the front line battling close by his men. As he cries to them: “Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrender!” He then got married to Queen Gorgo, with whom he has a child. Leonidas' significant other is similarly as extreme as he seemed to be. The strong Queen has taught her better half to go and protect Sparta no matter what. He wedded to Queen Gorgo, with whom he has a child. Leonidas' significant other is similarly as extreme as he seemed to be. The strong Queen has taught her better half to go and protect Sparta no matter what. “Come back with your shield,” she says, “or on it.” The greatest test was safeguarding his cherished Sparta against the gigantic Persian armed force, one million warriors solid.

The 300-man Spartan power has never experienced a fight this overwhelming — they're confronting a military more than multiple times its size. As Leonidas tells his troops: : “The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant, that few stood against many, and before this battle was over, even a god-king can bleed!” The general identity portrays horrible, ruthless and strong. Leonidas will remain determined to shield his kin. Ruler Xerxes has compromised Sparta, as well as offended the extraordinary warrior country. As Leonidas says to the Persian envoy (before kicking him into a well): “You bring the crowns and heads of conquered kings to my city steps. You insult my queen. You threaten my people with slavery and death!”

Lessons of Leadership from the Movie

Servant Leadership

To show this present, we should begin with the peak. Here we see King Leonidas remaining along in the front of the Spartans who have made a vault out of lances at the Hot Gates. On the opposite side we see King Xerxes sitting on the high honored position with a great many Persian armed force before him. A group feels anchored when a pioneer is with them and among them, supporting and rousing them. The sight here, the Spartan King driving and being with the military demonstrates a feeling of humbleness, a feeling of hireling initiative regardless of the reality the Spartan armed force was losing the war. For an ideal head, the group will put forth a valiant effort. This could be seen when Stelios, a youthful, vivacious and exceedingly talented Spartan fighter saying, “It’s an honor to die at your (King Leonidas) side' and the Leonidas responding “It’s an honor to have lived at yours” in the last scene.


A pioneer without a dream and center will have difficulties driving the group. A savvy head has an arrangement, has a methodology set up which adjusts to the objectives of the association, has set achievements, where he can clasp hands with his group and lead them. In the film, King Leonidas was centered around his vision, which was to devastate the powers of Xerxes and not surrender to King Xerxes. A steady concentration to push ahead from King Leonidas is seen here. He never surrenders even in the wake of losing his fearless Spartan warriors and advances to fight at the Hot Gates.

Growth Mindset

In the start of the motion picture, we see Spartan ruler getting 300 of his best warriors and couple of different powers from Greek city-states to battle against a madly enormous Persian Army – We see him to have a development mentality, an attitude to push ahead grasping difficulties, enduring even with mishaps, putting in endeavors in the way of authority, gaining from criticism(insults) and discovering exercises and motivations from others' prosperity. For Greeks to recall and respect King Leonidas and to have a place in the history is an incredible wellspring of motivation. Having a development attitude is a lowering knowledge, you hit absolute bottom here and there to learn new things.

Skill Set

“Excellence is not a gift; but rather a skill that takes practice – by Plato” - Creating range of abilities encourages a pioneer to have a high ground. Straightforward traditions are cruel – history says King Leonidas was not exempted from going to the agoge, a government funded school instruction which the children of all Spartans needed to finish so as to meet all requirements for citizenship – Leonidas was one of only a handful couple of Spartan rulers to have at any point experienced the famously brutal preparing of Spartan youth. We see Leonidas to be gifted and prepared to be a pioneer to lead as a Spartan ruler amid the war.


The discussion between Daxos(Commander of Arcadia) and King Leonidas is very intriguing toward the end – King Leonidas says “Spartans! Prepare for Glory” to which Daxos says “There is no glory to be had now! Only retreat or surrender or death.' We see the gallant reaction from the Spartan King. “Well, that’s an easy choice for us. Spartans never retreat! Spartans never surrenderThe strength to kick the bucket for his kin, the fearlessness to be striking is an extraordinary case of how a pioneer ought to be. A statement by Holly Lisle which I like the most says, “Courage is nothing more than taking one step more than you think you can.”

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“We fight as a single impenetrable unit. That is the source of our strength. Each Spartan protects the man to his left, thigh to neck with a shield. A single weak point and the phalanx shatters.” – King Leonidas.

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The Spartans were dynamic exclusively, however when they set up in their phalanx, they wound up one invulnerable unit. The 300 solid Spartans remained against the million Persians. The Persians couldn't overwhelm the Hot Gates go as they were kept down by the generous Spartans. In guarding Thermopylae pass, the planned cooperation of the Spartans wound up critical in safeguarding their position and flanks. In like manner, in an effective business, a great chief ought to comprehend that the total of the group is more prominent than an individual commitment. A decent pioneer should prepare his representatives and encourage a culture that stresses on cooperation. The colleagues should organize as a viable unit to accomplish the objectives.

This is Sparta

“This is where we hold them. This is where we fight. This is where they die. Today no Spartan dies” – King Leonidas.

In the motion picture, King Leonidas choses the Hot Gates entry as a remain to boost the vital preferred standpoint against the immense Persian armed force. The Persians couldn't go through the entry as the hearty Spartans were holding the tight go of Thermopylae courageously. In reality, it is exceptionally significant to locate an ideal area where our aptitudes will flourish. One ought to pick the place that most suits their aptitudes and capabilities. Judgmental blunders will prompt disappointment. Additionally, while setting up a business, wrong area choices will hamper the organization's development.


“You (Dilios) have a talent unlike any other Spartan. You will deliver my final orders to the council…tell them my story. Make every Greek know what happened here. Tell of victory.” – King Leonidas

As opposed to keeping one extra trooper, King Leonidas sends Dilios to pass on his last requests to the board. Dilios was a persuasive speaker. He perceived Dilios extraordinary ability and aptitudes along these lines, he sent him back to Sparta to persuade the gathering with respect to the need of the whole Spartan Army to avert the Persians. Ruler Gorgo, Leonidas' better half likewise attempted to persuade the board. In business and reality, when issue emerges, you have to search for experienced and philanthropic individuals to help and enable you to out from the circumstance. Pioneers ought to likewise be acquainted with everybody's potential in light of the fact that a bunch of veterans can out-perform a great many novices.

To Arms

Ruler Leonidas dislikes the demand of Ephialtes (the hunchback) of joining the military since his powerlessness to raise his left arm over his shoulder would put the whole 300-armed force and their methodology in risk. Lord Leonidas utilizes just durable troops to wreck the attacking horrible troops, beginning with a mass of Persian warrior bodies to stun the trespassers. In this epic battle, there was no space for feeble and delicate warriors. In reality, pioneers ought to likewise investigate the candidate's range of abilities instead of just the expert measure. Some of the time, a wrong procuring choice can endanger the whole authoritative structure. Predominant labor and assets can out-perform difficulties and hardships of business enterprise in light of the fact that a couple of good warriors are superior to a multitude of associates.

Battle Plan

The Spartans were courageous warriors so; they needed to over and over change their strategies while confronting the assailants amid the Battle of Thermopylae. They set up their fight intends to suit the ideal outcomes. They buckled down and never thought little of the Persians. Had they withdrawn or surrendered, they would have never won the Battle of Thermopylae. All things considered, a great head should buckle down in building designs that will remove preferences from the adversaries. One ought to never be happy with past accomplishments. In the event that you withdraw or surrender yourselves in the activity, you'll never know whether a diligent labor for multi month or two may have satisfied.

Team Dynamicsimportance of a Team

Group attachment alludes to the level of individuals' appeal to the group and their inspiration to remain a part. It exists when colleagues make the group a piece of the social personality. In this film we can see that the Sparta armed force has a solid group. In spite of the fact that the Ephors have denied him consent to prepare Sparta's military, Leonidas assembles three hundred of his best officers in the pretense of his own guardian; They are associated in transit of Arcardians.

In the Rmopylae, they fabricate the mass of stones and murder executed Persian cub scouts as mortar, which rankled the Persian emissary. For instance, a comparable foundation enables the Sparta Army to have comparable perspectives on different points, the gathering objective prompts more trust and less broken clash, and in addition to a reinforcing of enthusiastic and assignment union. Straightforward young men left their family at age 7 to get full-time proficient armed force preparing. They were taken to the asylum of Artemis Orthia to be flagellated to demonstrate their durability and stamina. Spartans had exceptionally strict preparing or more all prepared physical wellness. Sparta was a military state, so Spartan on-screen characters assumed a key job in conquering Persia and Athens in the Peloponnesian War, which reinforced the union of the groups. Likewise, amass estimate is additionally one of the key parts that influence group union. This is on the grounds that less individuals can all the more effectively concur on objectives and arrange their work when contrasted with a bigger gathering. The attachment of undertakings, be that as it may, may endure if the gathering does not have enough individuals to play out its errands all around ok.


Know your environment and pick the battleground that most suits your strengths. Just as King Leonidas picked the Hot Gates as the ideal area for Sparta's stand against the Persians. Do your examination and pick a road where your abilities will flourish, and your opposition will fall. Pick an arrangement of activity that features your abilities while removing focal points of your forerunners. Simply ensure you cover your back at the goat way. No one can really tell who's sneaking up behind you. A bunch of very much prepared warriors can out-perform a huge number of frail ones. The Spartan 300 remained against the million Persians for quite a long time since they were solid, welltrained, and incredible. A well worked together, where the proprietor sets aside the opportunity to manufacture a network and persistently bolster it has the most obvious opportunity for progress against several contenders. Keep your range of abilities sharp, cause no one can tell when you may need to guard yourself. The Spartans were prepared to walk into fight, with no faltering. Learn constantly, testing, and enhancing yourself. The minute you bring down your defenses, is a similar minute your adversaries remove your property.

Never withdraw, never surrender. Even regardless, King Leonidas and his 300 battled for Greece, never withdrawing and never surrendering. Many individuals quit in light of the fact that it inspires too extreme to even consider maintaining consistency or too difficult to even think about keeping the learning up and coming. On the off chance that you withdraw, in the event that you surrender, you'll never know whether multi month or two a greater amount of diligent work may have satisfied. The divine beings aren't in every case right, do what's best for yourself, most importantly else. King Leonidas realized that the Ephor weren't right when they prompted him to remain down on the eve of fight. Taking the wrong exhortation can cut you off from roads that might be appropriate for you, regardless of whether it wasn't for the individual who gave it. Continuously do what is best for yourself, and never be reluctant to test. The Gods were all in indistinguishable position from you at one point in time. Always adjust to your evolving circumstance, it's the best way to survive. When the Persians dispatched Rhinos, the Spartans adjusted and won. At the point when they charged in with elephants, they adjusted and indeed turned out the victor. Industry is constantly evolving. In the event that you need to remain on a pile of crushed contenders, you need to remain on the cutting edge of mechanical advances to guarantee your prepared to ride the new wave the second it arrives.

Be Deaf to the individuals who says you can't….! King Leonidas realized that the Ephor weren't right when they prompted him to stand-down on the eve of fight. In business, it is extremely simple to peruse counsel from individuals. Figure out how to channel the great and terrible. Contrary musings and individuals avoid them. Continuously do what is best for yourself, and never be reluctant to try. Offer regard to your partners. The Spartan 300 drew their quality from their group of individual officers on the battlefield. Arcadians also helped them for the reason. Everybody is imperative for your deal. You ought to have companions to accomplice you in your prosperity. Each record in bound to be broken. When the Persian dispatcher conveyed his final proposal to King Leonidas, he was arrogant and backed himself up by the past achievements of the Persian Empire. While achievement is extraordinary, dependably hope to enhance what you've done and keep in mind your rivals. The world moves so quick that one day’s champion can be one more day disappointment in a matter of seconds. Try not to give yourself a chance to get kicked into the pit.

Indeed, even a man-god can bleed. King Leonidas demonstrated that even the apparently unapproachable Xerxes was able of bleeding all things considered. It is anything but difficult to take a gander at the genuine juggernauts in an explicit field and believe it's difficult to go up against somebody of that measure. Nobody is distant, and incredible thoughts rule the world. Be creative, be forefront, and above all be valiant even despite god-like rivalry. Together we can toss them out. Spartans had the best understanding as a unit. They realize how to back one another. We as a group should know the equivalent, alone we resemble a solitary finger and together we make a knockout punch Working pair is required for progress. A Leader can lead you to Success. Leonidas the lord was an extraordinary pioneer, yet the most critical thing was he has individuals who religiously pursued his words. Regard the experience which is around you. Individuals above you are there to help and guide you. Keep in mind that we as a whole are between connected, for a shared objective.

Regardless of whether you're a repulsive, deformed troll, the privilege systems administration can get you wealth and ladies. Indeed, even in his hideously misshapen frame, epilates knew the benefit of systems administration. He made companions with Xerxes who ended up pushing him to both riches and companionship. Know your qualities and know your shortcomings and use networking to take advantage of both. In the event that you can't be successful in one course, look at others. keep your best interest sat the bleeding edge of your decision-making procedure. The Spartans changed strategies as expected to look down the most recent flood of aggressors. We must figure out how to set up our fight plan that best suits our ideal outcomes This story will always be told not really because they won but rather in light of the fact that they were valiant. Great leaders are valiant and strong not bossy and cool!

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