Laziness as an Enemy of Caution and Security

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A great enemy of caution and security is laziness. The lazy person can never arrange his own success and security because he cannot use the right opportunity to work due to the nature of his laziness and remains lazy throughout life. Crooks and sly people also try to make such a lazy person their prey. It is difficult for a lazy person to achieve any kind of excellence. Because he keeps his powers covered in a sling of laziness. They cannot develop by industry and labor. Unless the industry, the tendency in labor, the power cannot be developed. Laziness and progress cannot go together.

Laziness is a type of darkness, which shines on the souls on powers and on human progress and progress. Slothful, it seems that my work is done by someone else, make my advancement. Bringing a lot of my house's goods from the market, the work of the office is also another partner. The lazy officers live under the control of their little subordinates. Let's sign the same letter or draft. Whether it is right or wrong, fair or inappropriate, do not even see what has been written down. Diaspora of large traders often gets their accounts due to lack of accurate accounting of income-expenditure. They are lent on lending but keep laziness in recovering them. The funds grow progressively and in the end, all the capital borrowings are divided into the hair. The lazy parents do not see their children's education and progress. As a result, children cannot progress as much as they should. If they leave their laziness and keep a sharp eye on them, they may continue to cooperate in the work, then there may be enough progress.

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Look at the nature of how his work is regulated. Each item runs its own set of work at certain times. Idleness is not even to the mark. Nature is very harsh for sluggish members. There is a big badness of laziness. In the end, there is a law of punishment for the same death penalty. Each member of nature actively undertakes his work till the end.

The industrious and diligent person will see you happy and prosperous. Even if a person is born in a poor family, he has no caste superiority or land property in the house, only if he is habituated with industry and labor, he is free from idleness, he can get rich and Kirti. Kirti and Lakshmi are subject to labor and industry. Who will lose the idleness of laziness and the lazy instinct that paralyzed the powers, he will surely achieve prosperity and Kirti.

See the history of the world. Those castes were destroyed, who became lazy and luxurious. In the caste and society, which laziness fills, the path of decadence in the three directions goes back to prosperity, reputation, prestige, and leadership. The senses, luxury, and laziness make him shabby and weak.

Do the hard work of the idleness that arises due to it. Suppose you feel in your heart that it is necessary to meet such a person, then do this work by turning your mind on. Write the answer to the letters of the letters which are to be answered. Never laziness in writing Laziness is a kind of bad habit. Mind body-minded covenant-all kinds of laziness are the consequences of our habits. If parents adopt discipline in the children from the beginning and put their mental and physical tasks in vigilance, then the next generation can also improve. 

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