Laptops & Cellphones: Are They A Curse Or A Blessing?

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Us, humans, have come a long way. From cavemen discovering fire to travelling to the moon. Notice that neither of these events would have been made possible without technology: sticks and stones and, of course the invention of electronic devices. Over time, the definition of technology has changed in accordance to our progressions. Of course, the most widely known form of technology is the one you’re looking at right now. Laptops and cellphones are what people may call both a curse and a blessing. It may be the source of addiction for some or used as a platform to disperse hate, and although that is terrible we can all agree without this, we may be lost; literally, for those of us that rely on GPS systems. This form of technology has illuminated our lives and allowed us to communicate and do things quickly with more efficiency. Malice lurks in almost every dark corner in the world, with technology that is advancing at an exponential rate, there is some evil out there always bound to try to take over.

Because of this natural human trait, it is only natural that there should be some sort of defense. Over these past few years, initiative has been taken to upgrade every system and ensure it has some sort of defense working for it, due to the large impact “9/11” has had on our country. Events like this that have happened or could potentially happen, is enough for people to wonder about their protection online and how their information is being protected itself. Little do people know that our information is already out there, surfing on some server or two or ten. Anyone who can turn on a computer, can look through one’s information. Although technology beings ease into our lives, it also brings potential and dangerous harm, that being cybercrimes. Since, we have recently entered the “Digital Era”, many argue that cyber security is not needed this early in our timeline, however, sensitive and private data is at risk of being hacked or exploited through security breaches if unprotected.

Cyber crime has been a prevalent issue ever since the first computer has been created, even if it was initially for the military in the 70’s. Cyber crimes are responsible for disrupting normal flows of computers and crashing personal and even company systems. Cyber crimes occur due to penetrations and simply, using your private data to their advantage also known as hacking and many other crimes. Because our generation was thrust into this new era, security has had trouble catching speed and developing or training professionals to this degree of protection. Unfortunately, these crimes happen to anyone who is unprotected even if they don’t have valuable information.

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