Landscape - A Living & Breathing Creature

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Landscape is not merely just a spectacular sight to behold, but it is a living and breathing creature that cannot be bound by restraints. It is a bounteous place of harvest that springs the blossoming of such sightful flowers, intriguing trees that breaks forth the sun’s bright rays. The rays bounce off the tree leaves and stump to create indescribable patterns of wonder, as well as shadows of darkness. If you stare for too long into these shadows of darkness, you may feel a dark empty void filling your heart, creating a scary sensation you have never felt before.

Not only can the sun’s rays breath such darkness, but they are able to bear life for the vegetation. As the rays strike the vegetation, not only do they bounce, but they seep into the vegetation as. Just as the river water seeps into the earth’s crust, it needs to surpass the many uniform or sedimentary layers of compact soil and resistant rock, before it can reach the final destination. Finally, the rays are processed and feeds the vegetation and aids it to grow like a sprouting seed.

The landscape contains every vivid colour. Every single one of them as fresh as a new painting that just arrived from a master artist’s work. The lush and fruitful vegetation combined with the glimmering still waters of a nearby river, helps in creating a sense of relaxation. The brilliant green blue waters and white fluffy clouds ease the mood of any living creature. Sparkling still waters look like a freshly cut diamond. The clarity and beauty is unsurpassed. The landscape feels like deja vu, as it feels as if we have all been here before. It is similar to a dream like state where you cannot believe what is being shown before your eyes.

The unfolding of different shades of colour, as the sun sets, seems like you are on an island paradise. It seems so out of reach as this place does not exist, due to all the damage and destruction caused by mankind. You see this through the gray shades of colours of the sky as the sun sets. It gives you an unsettling feeling, knowing that perfection can be achieved, if mankind respected and cared for the earth. Does man ever learn?

Nonetheless, the landscape is an area fully of beauty that is Mother Nature. This beauty and calming nature of the landscape’s features is what we look forward to seeing. There is nothing that matches the sense of euphoria that it brings. Everything just falls into place and feels as everything is in perfect harmony. It was as if God himself came down from heaven and personally wanted to make the lands as beautiful as he could. To please not only himself, but mankind as well. To create an amazing setting for man and show how powerful nature or landscapes can be.

With the cool spring breeze blowing throughout the land, you take a step back, sit down and take a deep cleansing breath. Listen quietly to the slow moving water and softly blowing wind. Feel the sun’s rays beating down on you and beating down on the slow growing vegetation. Finally, watch the dense white clouds moving slowly across the blue sky, and think to yourself if there is anything more perfect than just you and the landscape.

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