Kobe Bryant: The True Story Behind the Legend

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Kobe Bryant is a hero to most kids, but should he be? Kobe is one of the most popular players in the NBA. Millions of fans love him all over the world. He was voted nickelodeon kids choice player of the year. But, do they have good reason to idolize him? Yeah, sure he can dazzle you with no look passes, unbelievable dunks, and jaw dropping shots. But, has the fame gone to his head?

This is some background information to better understand Kobe Bryant. Kobe was born on August 23, 1978. Since the day Kobe was born he has gotten special treatment. His father was a NBA player also. Kobe was the youngest of three children. His childhood consist of traveling city to city, with his fathers NBA career. He even was in Italy for a while. Throughout his early years he went to practices with his father. Where he played a great deal of basketball. During the summer he attended basketball leagues, and camps. Which honed his skills and made him a fierce competitor

Kobe’s fame started at an early age. While in high school, college coaches attended many of his games. He led his high school to the state championship, and won. He was a McDonalds all American high school player. Many of the top colleges would of loved for Kobe to grace their halls. But, there was no college future for him. With the talent he possessed many thought he could handle the big leagues of the NBA. He posted great stats of thirty points a game, ten rebounds, and five assists during his high school days. Which had professional teams interested.

Kobe got drafted straight into the NBA. At age 18 he’s playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. He was everywhere on shoes, billboards, and commercials. He had a shoe deal with Nike. Not to mention a contract with Sprite to be in their commercials. Talk about a lot for an 18 year old to handle. Which proved to be too much for Kobe.

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From day one Kobe had success. He grew up in a well to do family. He was a privileged individual off and on the court. He was a natural on the basketball court. He has won 3 NBA championships so far. He has been an All-star basketball player almost every year. But could he handle all the pressure put on him at that early age? The answer is no. He had too much power and fame.

It was just like all of his summers. He finally got to have some time off from his hectic NBA year. Relax in his beautiful home with his wife. But, this summer was different. He had to get some off-season surgery on his allying knee. Which was in Colorado. Well, on this trip he committed adultery and or rape on a young woman. This is a very serious crime. If proven guilty he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. This will have a lasting effect on him, even if he is found innocent. “I sit here in front of you guys, furious at myself, disgusted at myself for making a mistake of adultery.” This is what Kobe said about the incident. The Lakers organization has had faith in Kobe, and has supported him. His wife Vanessa Laine stands behind him 100 percent. But who wouldn’t when he bought her a 4 million dollar “apology” ring. The image Kobe has portrayed is shattered. He was once the poster boy, a true nice guy of the NBA. His image will forever be tarnished. It was an event that has shocked the nation. There are many speculations on to what happened that night. There are only two people that really know what went on that night.

On various sites on the web I found that most people believed Kobe. On some polls 2 in 1 believed Kobe. I think this is so because they see him on the court doing amazing things. Giving him almost a hero like persona.

To better understand if Kobe is capable of such an atrocious act we must first look at the real Kobe. He has an obsessive personality. He displays this through basketball very much. While other kids were out playing and going to movies, Kobe would watch game tape, and perfect his jumper. When he was younger, he lived in Italy not knowing the language very well. So this made him shy away from other kids of his age. When he returned to the US he didn’t understand the black culture. The only place he felt free was on the court. This might be the reason for his almost anti social behavior. When he goes on the road, his teammates eat out at fancy restaurants, and go to nightclubs. Kobe stays in his room to watch movies and eat. I believe that watching his teammates indulge in this magnificent lifestyle, made Kobe wonder could he do the same? He thought to himself why can’t I do these things? Then he got his chance. He saw a girl that he would love to have for the evening. He asked her to come up to his room later on that night. After she came up, I believe she turned him down. In his rage, thinking, “no one denies Kobe Bryant!” With his obsessive, passionate, egotistical personality that was too much for him. That’s when he lost control. In my opinion he is guilty. Is this the first time he has done this? At the very least he has committed adultery. If you ask me, I think this is not his first time. But it might be the last. With this he has lost millions of dollars of endorsements. Most of all his freedom is on the line. With Kobe’s past he has always had everything he wanted. His whole life he has always had the answer. This time he put him self in a hard spot.

Kobe Bryant is not a well-rounded individual. I think that his fame and money has made him think that he is above the law. No one is above the law. Life has been good to him, maybe too good.

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