Integral Features Of Academic Writing

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All the written discourse is meant to be read by someone else, therefore while dealing with the thesis or dissertation a scholar should keep in mind that there are some expectations associated with his work. In general academic writing answers particular questions and demonstrates intellectual rigor of the writer.

Academic writing is much more than just active writing, which itself is not a simple skill but a collection of skills. In addition to putting your thoughts on a page an affective academic writing involves critical thinking and good research skills. Academic writing is an important skill to master for a wide variety of professional and academic reasons. It allows the writer to add individual contribution and greater voice to the on going dialogue in the related academic research community. As a result an affective academic writer can be a good researcher and academician. According to Dr. Academic English is the variety of English language we use to share research. Research is a process of answering a research question by creating an argument that is supported through critical analysis and the use of evidence. We use academic English to reach a wide general academic audience in an attempt to pursued them that the argument we have created to answer our research question is an affective one. Very common examples of academic writings are thesis composed by the students or research papers written by professional scholars. Therefore, academic writing is the variety of Academic English used to convey research in writing.

As stated by John Kotnarowski, there are different kinds of academic writings such as literature reviews, abstracts , acknowledgements SOP (statement of problem) and more. Each kind of the academic writing has its own formation rules and conventions. So, before starting to write academician should know all the rules and regulations and expectations related to particular genre. However, there are some common characteristics of academic writing. First, there are focused and specific expectations when producing a piece of academic writing, which used to answer research questions provided by instructor or formulated by researcher himself. Good academic writing starts with the specific and focused questions to be answered. Academic writing emphasizes logical reasoning and facts over emotional or sensory perception. Academic writing should present clear critical thinking and ability to make argument stronger by supporting them with evidence. Academic writing must be very clear since English is both a low context and reader responsible language. Academic writing must have logical connection between sentences. The most affective academic writing follows a process designed by the writer himself and makes the writing unique, which may include the purpose of study, identification of target audience, planning the argument, developing claim, supporting your claim by previous evidence during a research work.

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