Impact of The Crusades During the Renaissance Period

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Impact of The Crusades During the Renaissance Period essay
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The Renaissance wouldn't have occurred without the Crusades. Labeled in history as one of the most significant events to happen in History developed in Europe. They entitled religious wars impacting many Christians throughout Europe during the middle ages. The groundwork for developing towards the Crusades begin in 1050, where the European knights and noblemen began to travel straight for the Middle East with the attempt to overtake the Holy Land back from the Muslim people who had previous controlled the land for many years before. The History of the word crusade is “cross”, implying that the European viewed themselves as “taking up the cross.”

The Crusades had many variable impacts on the world. It’s most impact influence displayed during the Renaissance was the increase in interaction linking different societies and groups of people together. For an occasion, resulted in the multiple religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam to have an confrontation. It then created an conflict, with people of all faiths traveling long distances to scrum the city of Jerusalem, which each faith give thought towards the importance to their religious heritage. This conflict involving certain religious ideals created the opportunity of different religious groups to help with the principles of each religious faith to conquer into new the new world. Allowing arguably, the conflict between these three religions to involve into the world that still continues today. But beyond religion, the interaction created different groups and religions of people into learning the scientific and philosophical knowledge. Through with the existence of the Silk Road causing a enormous lay out of ideas and knowledge across Eurasia, through the crusades still proceed towards an expand of the trend. After an outbreak of the crusades begin in the 11th century, the Middle East became the country of learning and knowledge.

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Due to its geographical location, the major Middle Eastern civilizations were at the intersection of the Silk highway allowing it to benefit greatly towards the access between European and Asian and their gaining knowledge. By its nature, the time came for European crusaders to come into contact with Middle Eastern people having the opportunity open towards many newly discovered ideas along with inventions that after time made its way towards the European society. Therefore instance, with addition the Europeans became well educated in relation to present day understandings requiring mathematics from Middle Eastern mathematicians teachers who by far were the most majority advanced at that time. Besides the relation to knowledge, the dissimilar societies that were complicated during the the crusades they suddenly became extremely unprotected towards each other’s culture. Meaning that each side learned new awareness about food, cultural practices as well as celebrations.

It’s second crucial impact moment that occurred during the crusades resulting towards the effectives it portrayed on the trade control. The religious journey of thousands of Europeans to the Holy Land generated towards a desperate new direct for supply shipments to feed including arms with the crusaders. In essence, towns and cities increased in size throughout the length of the route to the Holy Land with numerous retail stores and markets. Furthermore, port cities in Italy constantly expanded in size along with wealth as merchants laboured to meet the needs of advanced crusaders. In reality, a few Italian cities grew to such eminence that they became equally important as the famous city-states of the Renaissance centuries subsequent to.

It’s third crucial impact short time during the crusades existing the result it posses on the part of feudalism in the existences of Europeans. Feudalism became a shape of government in common throughout the medieval Europe era including it’s society becoming structured within a very stiff and hierarchical process. It was well liked in European culture from the 9th century up to the 15th century with it having become the form of government which the country became clearly dominated by an independent monarch, which held all power within the bounds of a single king. The monarch led by the king would contain absolute rule over the country while the individuals of the country were forced to participate with a hierarchical system where it depends completely on where people were born to determine what class they become apart of. Due to circumstances within the crusades, thousands of nobles and peasants left behind Europe in order to ‘take up the cross’ within the bounds of Holy Land.

This left an explanation of large populations of people that had left their land behind to fight and considering feudalism was forced towards the principles of land proprietorship and farming, this resulted in feudalism losing the significance of the European societies. Additionally, the larger increase inside the trade at certain ports together with the town's leading to an increased rise of the merchant or middle class. This indicated that the peasants became able to develop small-scale of fortunes for themselves through the trading community. Even as, the feudal organization was losing control it previously had on society which after a significant amount of time begin to led ideals of the Renaissance furthermore the emergence of substantial city-states as an alternative towards absolute monarchs. In view of, the crusades having a heartfelt impact at length on the world, especially when it came to towards the changes as well as advancements in Europe still shown in today’s socity.

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The essay explores the connection between the Crusades and their impact on various aspects of history, particularly during the Renaissance. It highlights the interaction between different societies, trade control, and the shift away from feudalism. While the essay covers multiple impacts, it lacks coherent organization and clarity in its explanations. The ideas presented are relevant but often lack proper development and logical flow. The writing style could benefit from improved sentence structure and clearer transitions between ideas. Additionally, there are several instances of grammatical errors and awkward phrasings that hinder comprehension. The expert recommends revisiting the structure and content of the essay to enhance clarity, coherence, and overall readability.
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Introduction: Craft a more engaging introduction that provides context about the Crusades and their historical significance. Thesis Statement: Formulate a clear thesis statement that outlines the main points the essay intends to address. Organization and Coherence: Rearrange the essay to create a logical flow, ensuring that each paragraph transitions smoothly to the next and contributes to the overall argument. Development: Elaborate on each impact (interaction, trade control, feudalism) with more detail and examples to enhance understanding. Clarity and Conciseness: Simplify sentence structures and avoid excessive use of complex phrases that may hinder comprehension. Grammar and Mechanics: Proofread for grammatical errors, awkward phrasings, and punctuation mistakes to improve overall readability. Conclusion: Summarize the main impacts discussed in the essay and provide a concise reflection on the Crusades' significance for shaping history.
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