Unethical Trump Decision To Revoke Daca And Rob Children'S Dreams

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Getting rid of the DACA dreamers is a wrong and a horrible decision on Trump’s behalf. It is inhumane to the people that belong to the program, it is a hypocritical considering we, as a country, were built on overachieving immigrants, and it is a sure way to destroy the future we have worked so hard to build. Let us begin with the fact that it is morally incorrect to do such a thing. How, in their right mind, could a human being deny an education to another, something that is their birthright? How could they strip an immigrant that has fled their country in pursuits of a better life an education? A Republican, that is who.

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To take away the right to educate themselves from a child is wrong and malicious, to think that one of the biggest threats to America safety is a little child picking up a book is wrong. Being part of such a thing is inhumane and straight up malevolent, to think that you will keep your country safe by kicking down those that wish to enrich it by becoming scholars. Getting rid of DACA is wrong and so is anyone that stands for its removal. Furthermore, it is hypocritical for the Government to approve of such a thing, considering that was how our country was built. People escaping a lacking motherland to find more opportunities elsewhere.

The only difference between the early British settlers and the DACA dreamers is that the DACA dreamers don’t come to America with the intention of stealing the land from those that it already belonged to, they don’t come in hordes brandishing muskets and swords claiming to ‘settle’ the land and proceed to murder anyone that opposes their rule. Our country is also not one of plain white, it was built on different colors, traditions, and foods, music, wonderful dances, hell our most distinctive traits were made by the combination of cultures and immigrants! Jazz, gumbo, the hotdog, and many more! Again, I must stress that by getting rid of the DACA program we are being a gaggle of hypocrites. Lastly, we will destroy the American future we have strived for, the one brave men and women have fought and died for (Don’t think these brave defenders of our country risk and give their lives so that we can deport a bunch of innocent dreamers).How do we hope to advance in the world if we deport our scientist, doctors, troops, teachers, engineers and presidents? It is wrong to even think of it wise, to even ponder the idea of butchering our future for xenophobic ideals. I must stress the importance of not throwing our future away, if not for you, but for your country, the one that will never have enough geniuses helping her.

In conclusion, the removal of DACA dreamers and their program to help them will be a disgrace and inhumane thing to do to them. Something beyond hypocritical for us to carry out and a sure beheading of our prosperous American future. It is wrong to dispose of the DACA program and any one to stand for it is a Republican with no heart in the eyes of true Americans.

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