High Education Tuition: One of the Main Reasons of High Drop Outs Rates

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In addition, the admission process can be stressful and difficult for the applicants with fear that they might not get into their first-choice program because of the high tuition. A lot of students end up being enrolled in studies that they don’t enjoy but that are affordable, and for them, a not enjoyable education is better than none. Free education allows young adults to get in a field of studies that interest them and if they are interested, they’re less likely to drop out or burn out.

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Journalists from The Globe and Mail asked their readers that attend a university to share their thoughts on how school can help them and it’s pretty shocking how they all say that the workload is too much and that they cannot manage everything at the same time, it’s impossible for them. “Stop assigning 20 hours of readings, along with 15 hours of class and 20 hours of work. I don't have time to sleep and do assignments if I also have to do 4 hours of readings per class.” (Kayla Callaghan, Carleton University) By that, we can see that her hours of work are taking a greater place in her week than her scheduled hours of classes which does not work in a student’s academical favor.

The level of college dropouts is humongous, but people don’t seem to pay attention to it because a college student is old enough to make its own decision. Why aren’t we putting more thoughts into the reason they chose to terminate their collegial studies? Maybe if we did more people would realize that the pressure of working to pay the big amount schools demand can easily create depression or health issues, making them obligated to put a term on their semester.

More and more students are thinking of giving up because the weight put on their shoulders is getting really heavy. A survey was done by MagnifyMoney on 3069 students which is a really little number, it’s nothing compared to the number of students in only one university.

They found out that those with loans would give a serious thought about dropping out of school before even graduating, only to avoid taking on more debts. “However, the magnitude of the debt isn’t the main reason students would consider giving up. More than half say they’d consider dropping out because it’s difficult to balance school with a job.” (Emmie Martin, 2018) Our students need to be released from all this unhealthy burden!

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