Hate Crimes: Significant Issue in The USA

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Hate crimes are a significant issue in The USA in 2017-2018. There is 59.6 percent of victims were targeted because of the offenders race. Imagine not being able to go to a store in your neighborhood without getting judged by your skin color. The government should be responsible for all the verbal, physical, cyber, and legal processing charges there are for all the racism going on. It is important for The USA government to make a change in the laws for all of this racism bias going on.

Verbal is a very common hate crime in 2018 in USA citizens use all the power they can to hurt somebody inside by calling them racist stereotypes, or downing them just because they want something that they cant get so they take their anger out by being jealous.in the article written by “Indianapolis star” it states that people look at lebron james and call his stereotypical names over the internet just because of jealousy multiple people showed up to Lebron James house and vandalized it by saying mean things and it always puts lebron in a bad spot.

Individuals don't realize that Lebron James works just as hard as us. He never got anything handed to him he went to school, got good grades, did not make poor choices, and look at him now he has a twenty-three million dollar house that he worked hard for and followed his dreams, and is making his whole family happy. People should stop with all the racial comments just because of color, or that he works harder to support his family. And people think that just because of his color they think that he shouldn't have all of this that some people don't. Citizens in this country should all be treated fairly.

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Physical is also a very popular hate crime in our country in 2017-2018. The percentage in 2018 of physical hate went up eighteen percent. Physical hate was especially affected for black, Jewish, and Muslim Americans. Attacks in 2018 were aimed at 427 African Americans, and 938 were against Jewish Americans. In the article “Chicago beating doesn't need to be a hate crime written by USA Today” Teenagers kidnap a disabled white man and goes live on Facebook and is beating the kid saying racial comments. While still beating the disabled man the one suspect takes a knife and starts to cut pieces of his scalp open. Why would they harm the man like that they are hurting there future and the article says it shouldn't be a hate crime. The government needs to enroll a law for this stuff the two suspects should be sentenced for life for doing this to somebody's kid just because they don't like white people or Donald Trump.

Michigan reported three times as much hate crime then in 2016(309) then Illinois did in 2015(90). The two suspects were charged with over 15 years in jail. The suspects should be in for life just as anybody else that kills. Nobody knows why they do it everyone knows that they will get caught so why risk your future all because of color and hating our president this is ridiculous. Where do they find appreciation in the hateful and awful things they are doing to these kind and generous people. We need to put a stop to this before it keeps happening and then they start killing people just because of our president. Imagine if that was your kid that got kidnapped and beaten almost to death because of being judged by race this is a free country we should all be treated fairly like they say treat people the way you want to be treated.

Cyberbullying is another hate crime in this country. People have nothing else better to do then to sit on their computers and write hateful and awful things about people. In the article “The rise of hate search written by New York times” it states that the top google search in 2015 killed Muslims. You shouldn't say that about anyone or assume anything because that is disrespectful and that is not how the citizens in the united states should be treated Muslims are just like everyone else just because some made poor choices doesn't mean every Muslim is a bad person. Research states that in 2010 around the anniversary of 9/11 hate crimes tend to be at their highest level. In the article it says that Asma Mohammed Nizami is a twenty-three year old Muslim woman from Minnesota who teaches for students at a nonprofit school and wears a hijab. One day driving home from an event she stopped at a traffic light where she saw a man in the next car over glaring at her. He rolled down his window and called her a racial slur When Ms. Nizami started to drive away he followed her and then tried to run her off the road with his vehicle. That is wrong because first that is being very racist and second it is dangerous for other motor vehicles out there driving on the road ways.he should feel ashamed of himself because that was probably a horrifying experience could you imagine how she felt when she was getting tailgated from behind and almost ran off the road that could cause a serious injury or death.

An article about hate crimes mischaracterized one topic of hate crimes discovered by the F.B.I. there were 1,092 reported hate crimes that had to do with religious bias.{to put a stop to all the internet threats and racist comments about people's religion because sometimes it causes people to harm themselves or not like themselves because of who they are and that isn't right at all. This country was created for peace not killing and treating people based on race or religion.

In this situation, a past army veteran and rock singer killed 6 humans and injured 3 of them, with a highly dangerous weapon called the 9 millimeter semiautomatic handgun. This veteran did not live an extra minute, after the shooting finished he got shot to death because of all the damage he has done. In the legal process since this situation occurred laws have changed and people got more strict and more security occurred all over the united states in clubs, monuments, and more religious beliefs buildings. What made this veteran do that and waste himself like that nobody has done anything to him to make him do this to our citizens. A gunman massacred multiple people at a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018. And a couple of days later another gunman killed two African Americans in Louisville in a food market after first trying unsuccessfully to break into a Christian church if he had arrived at the Christian church an hour earlier he would have probably created another mass murder. These hate crimes seem clearly linked to the citizens that want to kill other races fostered by Donald Trump.

To wrap everything up our president and our government needs to change some laws and make more things strict because this country should all be nice and fair and all this racial slur going on mid not the way we should handle this because it's a religion and just because one person make mistakes doesn't mean everybody of that race should face consequences. In 2019 our country is hoping to have a change in all the hate crimes and racial discrimination going on. Do you know how many families out in this country lost somebody because somebody does not like their race so they decide to beat them or kill them for no reason at all just because they don't like what other people in their religion/race has done in the past.

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