Greek Mythology of Troy and Relation to the Modern Society

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Troy was a city that was proven to be the strongest city in the all of Greek. This was because of the walls of troy that had been said to have stood for a long period of time. Also, because the prince hector who was said to be a warrior Troy always prevailed. Just like today we see that there is a lot of countries that are just like Troy and are flourishing because of their might. In Homer’s Iliad we are shown that there is difference between the myth itself and the adaption of the myth. That difference was how they showed the gods in the book and how the gods had a more interactive relationship with the people. But there are also similarities in the book that are shown in both the adaption and the myth and those are going to be shown in the paragraphs.

In this paper I will talk about how our lives are based on things that has happened in the past. The Greek myth of Troy relates to our daily lives in our society in terms of relations, power and politics.

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First of all, in the Greek myth we are shown how the war, or the undertaking of the City of Troy began. The plan to take the city of Troy began due to the mistakes made by the young Trojan prince Paris of going into a forbidden relation. This relationship was going to ruin the partnership between the Trojans and Agamemnon. In today’s society we a lot of these things happening. For example, today most people in business form partnerships in the hopes of succeeding in their business but because of the temptations in this world most people those partnerships due to illicit relations with the wrong people and thus violating that partnership. This is also shown in the adaption of Troy where Paris the younger brother of Hector store always with Helen to Troy thus upsetting Menelaus and ruining the partnership they had with Sparta. Clearly, there is a parallel between the adaption and the myth of Troy where they all went in the same direction on the betrayal between the two nations and the consequences that each and every one of them suffered.

Second of all, in Homer’s Iliad Troy is shown as a power house that was facing another power house with one the strongest army in the whole world. After Troy went on a fallout with Sparta, it was a battle of power to determine which city had the will and the strength to win the battle. Just like how China and the United States of America were in a fallout and wanted to start a nuclear war with each other. As you can see, I could say that the Greek myth of troy does influence the world we live and how people who were once friends will try to eliminate the other once the trust between them in broken. Even in our society we are shown that power can be one sided because as we can see right now, Doug Ford has changed everything and making hard for students to attend school and payoff their student debts. This is also shown in the adaption Troy, when the city of Troy was destroyed in one sided manner when they sneaked in the city as an offering from the Gods. Clearly, we can see how power throughout the Greek myth of troy and the society we live influences the decisions that is made by the people who are in charge of us.

Lastly, we are shown how politics can influence our society and that is also illustrated in Homer’s Iliad. In Homer’s Iliad we are shown how Agamemnon has the power to gather all the troops and conquer nations. He approached the people in a political manner and made them submit to his rule or face his wrath. This is just like in the adaption movie of troy when we saw the first scene of Troy when Achilles battled Boagrius. Boagrius lost and his army had to submit under Agamemnon and follow his command whenever he called for them. Moreover, this is shown in politics in this day. For example, Donald Trump is using the fact that he got elected to be president of the united states of America as an excuse to accomplish his own ambitions and fulfill his dream of making America great again. Clearly, we can say that the myth of Troy is a myth that focuses on politics and how it affected their world.

Conclusion, the Greek mythology of Troy and its adaption has great influence on the world and how the world functions today as a whole. Troy’s focus on relations has a great influence on society and how they lived in their time because stealing another men’s woman was a cause for war and betraying a partnership was just as much a cause for a war as anything. Moreover, in their time they focused on how power was the way of doing things and thus making this the way they should live their lives during their time because a man without any power was considered weak. Lastly, they focused on politics which meant that everyman had the power to do something as long as they have the power to campaign for their ambition or that person had to bow down to another man and submit to them and their rule.

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