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Christopher Marlowe: a Revolutionary Voice in Elizabethan Drama

Christopher Marlowe has rightly been referred to as the father of English drama. He is regularly considered as the morning star of English drama. He is frequently viewed as the morning famous person of English drama. Because he marks the give up of the first...

The Importance of Including Faust in School Curriculum

I believe that “Faust” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, is an important read for students. Students who are not taught this literary work, could lose out on many significant morals and themes that can be related to life matters and situations. It is also a...

Concepts of Tolerance in Unconventional Ideas in Faust

At the beginning of Goethe's Faust, how do the Dedication, the Prelude in the Theater, and the Prologue in Heaven set in motion a series of dialectical opposites--that is, furiously opposed opposites that create important, unresolvable (perhaps) tensions in the creative and philosophical life? The...

Battle of Good and Evil in Macbeth and Faustus

The conflict between good and evil is a common theme explored in British literature. Two works of literature that reflect this binary between good and evil are Doctor Faustus, written by Christopher Marlowe, and Macbeth, written by Shakespeare. Every day, a person is faced with...

The Sympathy for Evil in Paradise Lost and Faustus

Abhorrent judgments abound these days. Violence. Hate. War. Political insanity over authority. It all seems so negative. Events and such individuals become more disturbing than the last, and this initiates the loss of hope. Nevertheless, what if things are not as bad as they seem?...

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