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Women's Role In Ancient Greek Society As Portrayed In Aristophanes' Play Lysistrata

Theatre had been seen in ancient Greece. It had been performanced for Dionysos God of vine in differences celebrations. There were two type of theatre at first; these were tragedy and comedy. One of the important playwrigth of comedy were Aristophanes who had lived in...

Gender Stereotypes in Aristophanes Play Lysistrata

During the time era of the late 400’s B.C, gender roles and stereotypes were in full force in Greece. These stereotypes can be demonstrated extremely well in Aristophanes’ comedy play Lysistrata. These themes, while less pronounced in our modern era, can still be seen in...

The Pain and Suffering of Women in Lysistrata

One of the first plays we had to read so far into the semester, Lysistrata brings in a different kind of read that we have not been accustomed to. In the playwright Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes, Lysistrata is a comedy play that is about the...

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