Exploring Good Life: Living Life To The Fullest

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The idea of a good life can be defined as how a person wishes or desires to live their life. From interviewing my cousin, friend, and classmate I learned that it living a good like means for them to be financially stable, having a healthy way of living, and accomplishing everything they dream of doing and becoming. Although money will always remain to be a worrying factor, it can be quite easy to stay stable if it is handled in the right way. People have to learn how to manage their money and how much they spend.

My idea of a good life means being able to have accomplished my dreams and goals, being financially stable and living life to the fullest. From the three people I interviewed, I asked them what is the idea of a good life? They answered by saying that they had to be mentally and emotionally happy, being able to accomplish their dreams and goals in life, be financially stable, and to be able to give back to the people in need or to the community. My classmate mentioned to me during the interview that some people have a harder understanding of what a good life is because they do not appreciate what they have and because they probably do not appreciate what others may give back to them. If individuals started appreciating what others give to us, then it will be effortless for all of us to have a better understanding of what a good life is. She mentioned that people have to be grateful for what they have and what they have accomplished in their life. Some people have it worse, they either do not have food, a place to live in, family, or any money. Sometimes, those people who do not have anything are most of the time happy. Money is not what makes up your happiness. You have to be grateful for the little things you may have and enjoy life as it is. Living your life to the fullest and not complaining about not having something or not being able to afford the pair of shoes that you want does not describe living a good life. Having all the materialistic things that you want does not mean you are living a good life. Because what sense does it make if you have all the things that you want but not being mentally and emotionally happy.

I asked my cousin if she had changed her way of thinking about what living a good life is to her now, from when she was a child. She answered by saying, I think quite differently about what living a good life is now than I did when I was a child. Why is that? Well, because rather than having all that I may need in life, it is not actually living a good life. Therefore, living a good life does not mean it is all about having material things, but rather it means to be living mentally and emotionally happy, being generous with others, being honest, and living life to the fullest.

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All three of the people I interviewed agreed with Socrates’ quote. They strongly agreed with Socrates’ quote that unexamined life is not worth living. The reason is that the philosopher makes an entirely satisfying climax, which is essential for the arguments that are deeply principled in his presentation on behalf of the philosophical life. In the quote, Socrates’ implies that it is only in striving to understand and come to know ourselves as individuals that our lives will begin to have a value and meaning within society. Therefore, there is a great need for people to understand themselves as a way of establishing their worth and importance in society.

My friend mentioned that having a good relationship with God, meaning from her part having faith with God considers having a good life. Now, my friend stated that she does not consider herself living a good life because she does feel mentally and emotionally happy. She does not consider herself living her life to the fullest like she should be doing. She mentioned saying that by now she should be able to enjoy her life by not worrying about being short on money, being able to help others in need, having good health, and being united with her family. She further explained that in order to live happily you need to have good health. Now she explained to me that as of right now she has certain health problems that she is currently dealing with. But she cannot take the proper actions to better her health because she is not financially stable. Being financial stable does not mean you are living a good life but rather living without worries about not being able to pay certain bills, not being able to afford food, etc. By being financially stable is like taking the weight off your shoulder because you will not stress about money meaning you will be happy and be able to enjoy other aspects of your life.

In conclusion, it is worth to note that a good life is never about being wealthy, as pointed out by different philosophers including Socrates but all about the internal factors in the life of an individual such as happiness. Based on what my cousin, friend, and a classmate had to say about how they perceive what a good life is. For a person to have a good life, being happy is the foundation of living a good life, which can be gained from good relations and ensuring the right decisions are made in life. Everyone should, therefore, strive to live a good life in their own way that they believe makes them happy. Since each and every one of us perceives a different meaning of what living a good life is to them. Overall, based on the interviews I made I noticed that each and every person has a different meaning to what living a good life means to them. Some people think that having materialistic things is having a good life. Others view having a good life by being able to be happy with what they already have. In other words, they are comfortable with what they already have and what they have accomplished. And other people believe living a good life means to be able to live their life to the fullest without worries as long as their happy and their family is good.       

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