Evolution of Trade And The Columbian Exchange

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The world between the 1400’s and 1800’s had experienced drastic reformations and revolutionary ideas, yet all of this would not be done without the implementation of trade. Trade is defined as the buying, selling, or exchanging goods or services. No matter how long ago, trade has been a standard in the way of life. The evolution of trade began by exchanging goods with other goods or service, then eventually evolved to buying and selling using money. There was no concept of currency or wealth in money, rather than produce or resources. Trade sparked thousands of political, economic, and social structures.And so between the 1400’s and 1800’s, the execution of trade through resources, people, and ideas were what changed the world the most. The trade of resources allowed nations to provide stable military, amass wealthy economies, and utilize power. “European rulers paid for their new military power with taxes, bank loans, and the wealth gained from global trade and commerce” (History Alive! World Connections, 116).

With the nations affluence, the Europeans could ensure maximum security and opportunities to expand. Global trade and commerce of Europe had reached its peak at the start of the 16th century during The Commercial Revolution wherein “as commerce increased, merchants and bankers took on more power in society and politics” (History Alive! World Connections, 118). This exploitation of resources encouraged the rise to capitalism in Europe. This altered the value of money, the work standards, and economic lifestyle. During the 18th century, Europe grew wealthier by trade with the Americas, known as the Columbian Exchange. Although, despite the Columbian Exchange granting abundant agriculture, health benefits, and an increased population, the long term effects became an ironic tragedy. Along with unaccustomed produce, diseases and plagues spread from the Old World to the New, wherein “scholars estimate that during the 16th century, old diseases killed at least 50% of the native population” (History Alive! World Connections, 121).

This devastation of American Indian populations was known as the Great Dying. With this tragedy, it was unequivocal that the trade of resources had an impact in the world whether for good or bad, and it is what transformed Europe. )The trade of slaves had also impacted the world between the 1400’s and 1800’s. After the Great Dying, Europe gained leverage to colonize the American Indians and implement slave trade. “By the 1800’s, more that ten million african slaves had been shipped to the Americas” (History Alive! World Connections, 121). Ultimately, this brought millions of Africans to spread their culture into the New World and encouraged diversity. Although, much of the diversity had influenced racism and prejudice in social classes. The trade of ideas influenced customs and standards and innovated a modern and industrialized future. The Europeans manipulated their power, fueled by trade & commerce, to abuse man labor and ultimately establish stereotypes and standards for society. The trade of ideas sparked cross-cultural innovations.

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