Trading is Harsher then It Seems, Drawbacks of the Profession

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    1. Dollars of dollar cheese mounted on risky traps
    2. Mental torture
    3. Trading is hard work

Why do we - the traders choose the market as the destination? Probably because of the pink dream with the promise of money printing mouse click. The prospect of making a living and getting rich just by trading on a computer with financial products is something any trader wants to get. But behind that glamor?

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1. Dollars of dollar cheese mounted on risky traps

If you interview all traders in the world then 100% sure will say that trading exists risky. But paradoxically, most of them plunge into that risk, no matter how rational they know how dangerous it is. Understanding risk does not help you get rid of it. This is the truth, the hard truth. Because what you sense about this risky nature lies in rational thinking. Behavioral trading mainly comes from emotions. The most attractive emotion is greed. We always want to be rich quick. They always wished to wake up with account balance x10 yesterday. That desire is bigger and stronger than reason. It's like a delicious piece of cheese on a trap.

2. Mental torture

Trading has many advantages over other business / monetization:Flexible on time, locationCapital is not highSimple operation. If you have just heard, and have not had any trading minutes yet, you will easily go: "Oh my god, how in the world are there such jobs ?!"Yes, if you trade with a demo!The biggest challenge of a trader is not how to win the market, but how to win yourself. All your trading behavior / decisions face the risk of loss. It is this inadvertent pressure that causes a terrible psychological pressure, and you have to face it in order to keep your discipline or embrace your emotions and watch your account go away.

3. Trading is hard work

Actually there is nothing easy to make money. Any form of pledged profit is mostly fraud. Trading is not difficult, but also very difficult to make money. Why?Trading does not create a large revenue immediately. It takes time to build a fortune, usually in units of five. The secret to creating this asset is double interest. Ninety percent of Warren Buffett's assets are from the age of 50. Trading is hard to make money because of the slow profitability of the initial period, but it will be a fortune if the trader / investor retains the persistence. Happy Trading

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