Embracing the Art of Volunteering: A Journey of Empowerment and Impact

July 20, 2023
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I opted to partake in voluntary work at St. Vincent de Paul (SVP), an organization founded in Ireland in 1844. It stands as Ireland's most prominent voluntary charitable institution, offering free and confidential support to those in need, particularly caring for the homeless and providing social support. The existence of SVP hinges on its ability to empower individuals to persevere and progress until they regain their normalcy. I stumbled upon their website and completed an application form for one of their shops.

After a three-week process of Garda vetting and verification, I received a call from Ms. Rachel Dalton, the Garda Vetting Administrator of SVP, inviting me to their Sean McDermott Street shop for a briefing and to shadow one of the staff members. With practical and emotional support, I endeavored to be a source of strength and solace by wholeheartedly fostering a safe, wholesome, and inclusive environment, particularly for children, young people, and vulnerable adults.

Initially, I regarded volunteering as a means to cultivate meaningful relationships and connections with diverse individuals, given the array of professionals involved in voluntary work. As I interacted with them informally, I found myself gaining valuable insights that could contribute to my career advancement. Moreover, such relationships helped me better comprehend the real needs of society, which, in turn, can contribute to the creation of stronger communities. Many of those who volunteer within the community have deeply influenced me, including family members, friends, and acquaintances.

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These influences have changed my perspective, reminding me to be less self-centered. Additionally, I've discovered that bringing happiness and assistance to others brightens their day, and the act of receiving help from someone who genuinely cares about making a difference in their lives is gratifying. Volunteering is an activity that should be embraced by all, as it brings about positive karma, and I firmly believe in the principle of 'What goes around comes around.' Thus, by spreading goodwill, one can expect kindness and goodness to return in due time.

When I had to engage in volunteer services related to psychology, I was genuinely excited. It proved to be an intriguing experience because it made me feel like a better person by assisting someone in the community. During my time as a volunteer, I had the opportunity to apply psychological theories to human behavior, from four-year-olds to young adults. Witnessing how swiftly children absorb knowledge at a young age provided me with firsthand insights, allowing me to relate classroom knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Twenty hours of volunteering seemed like the perfect duration. It granted ample time to get to know the people I was assisting, yet it did not drag on excessively. I initiated my volunteering hours promptly, ensuring that I had sufficient time to fulfill them alongside my college assignments and work commitments.

As a people-oriented individual, I find motivation in engaging in activities and events involving others, as it brings me joy. Initially, I volunteered at the shop and assisted with their events, later extending my contributions to daycare services and house visitations. I particularly enjoy working with young adults and children, as my ambition lies in pursuing a career in Clinical Psychology, where I envision working with both these age groups. Volunteering experience is valued when seeking employment, as it reflects one's dedication to helping others and willingness to invest time in making a positive impact.

In some cases, employers express interest in knowing how potential employees spend their free time. Discovering that they have participated in various volunteer programs significantly increases the chances of hiring them and providing commendable compensation. The invaluable experiences I gained through volunteering will serve as a point of reference as I pursue higher education in the form of a Master's degree and build my career. This journey has revealed the immense satisfaction derived from volunteering.

Upon reflection, I find it challenging to identify a task more significant in my life than my experiences as a volunteer. Furthermore, I've come to realize that volunteers are regarded as community leaders due to their kindness, reliability, trustworthiness, and sense of responsibility. The attribution skills I needed prior to volunteering have further developed over the course of this fulfilling experience.

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