Early Mankind's Migration From Africa To The Rest Of The World

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People first left Africa around 2 million years ago.Homo erectus is the first people that used fire and it was used for cultural aspect of human evolution. people migrated out of Africa about 2 million years ago and they are called Homo erectus.There are 3 types of humans, it is Homo sapiens sapiens, Balangoda man and Herto man. Pangaea is a supercontinent. If you didn’t know, There was one big clump of land instead of it spread out. People say that there is going to have another Pangaea in 250 million years.Plates at our planet's surface move because of the intense heat in the Earth's core that causes molten rock in the mantle layer to move. Africa’s first name is Alkebulan and that means the mother of mankind.

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Out Of Africa

People left Africa around 2 million years ago and the people that left was called homo erectus. The first place the Homo erectus went to is South Africa, Kenya, Spain, China, Java. Homo erectus means upright man and they erectus are usually around 6.1 feet tall. Homo erectus usually ate crunchy foods for example carrots. Homo erectus used gestures, grunting and simple noises to communicate. Homo erectus used diverse and sophisticated stone tools. Homo erectus sometimes used caves or built their shelter out of tree branches.

Stone Age

They used mostly used flint in their tools. They would eat edible plants, eggs, honey and some meat. They lived in caves and in jungles. There were woolly mammoth, Mastodon, Giant Beavers, The mega bear, Sabre tooth tiger and dire wolves. The stone age started 2.4 million years ago. The stone age lasted about 100,000 years. They used animal skins as clothes. They went hunting with sharp sticks and would cut their food with sharp stones. The stone age people believed that they contact with the animals that they killed. they planted peas, lentils and barley.

Boats and Ships

The first boat made was between 8200 7600 BC and its name is Pesse Canoe. It was made in the Netherlands. It is made out of a tree trunk. the first ship that was made was made around 2613 BC and the people that made it was the ancient Egyptians. The person that made the first ship name is John Fitch.

Vikings age

Vikings started around 790s to 1066s. They lived in Europe, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They would eat salted fish, pork sheep and plenty of fresh bread. These are some surprising facts about Vikings. They don't have horns on the helmet. They gave us a lot of popular words for example snort,lump scrawny and anger. They were excellent boat makers. They didn't call themselves Vikings, they called themselves Norse, Norsemen and Danes. They abandoned sick children. Vikings spoke old Norse. Vikings meant a pirate raid in old norse language. The Vikings used swords and axes to fight. The Vikings life expectancy is 40-45 years old. They are usually 5 feet and 11 inches.

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