Differences Between Democratic Leadership and Management

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The ability of person or several people to be effective on a group to act in a coordination in a one direction to achieve goals of organizations is known as leadership,leader must know what members are interested in ,their hope, capabilities and limitations, what they want to learn or what and how to get knowledge and skills, leader should have some skills as ability to motivation, creativity, communication, positivity, leader differ from manager as leadership is the ability to influence by example while management is the art of planning, organizing, directing but the two is needed for the organization. 

There are many types of leadership as Autocratic , Democratic , Supportive , Transformational , Laissez-faire , Charismatic leadership while Coordination mean assembling and syncronzing work efforts to work in harmony to attain the organization objectives, it has some features as Group effort, Unity of action, Common goal, Continuous process, Managerial responsibility, Essence of management, Synthesis of efforts. 

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Also it has principles asClarity of objective, Effective communication, Reciprocal relation, finally coordination is very useful in any organization as it is benefit in making higher Efficiency and Economy, Good Human Relations, Unity of Direction, Quintessence of Management, increase the Organizational Effectiveness, finally the organization need good leadership and coordination to achieve its objectives

The members and be interested in their welfare,their hope, abilities and limitations, the things that the members want to learn or what and how to get knowledge and skills, how to motivate members to learn new skills and gain knew attitude, establish communication between them,conduct and supervise meetings and discussions, assessing his own effectiveness and how to make the group to evaluate itself, it’s goals and it’s progress toward these goals.

Leadership and management should go side by side They are not similar but they should be complementary and linked to each other. Separation between them within the organisation will lead to more problems than it solves. For any company to be successful, it needs management to plan, organise, directing and coordinate its staff, also need leadership to inspire and motivate them to do the best of their ability. Leadership is a skill of leading other by examples depending on influence for formulation of principles and guidelines depending on listening, building relationships, teamwork, inspiring, motivating and persuading the followers while management is an art of systematically planning organizing, directing and coordinating things in efficient ways, management Responsible of policies and procedures

Supportive leaders delegate tasks between employees, but also supply employees with all skills necessary to do these tasks . They solve problems and issues with worker arise. Supportive leaders have compassion and respect from employees. And employees feel valued . But, supportive leadership have some disadvantages as leader may loss his recognition as a manager if intervene only when problems arise and less instep in the overall works and implement the organization’s goals. Employees of laissez-faire leaders have a excessive degree of autonomy. Leaders hold a hands-off method to managing workers, offering them with the equipment they need to do their job barring being at once involved in decision-making processes, daily tasks, and responsibilities. 

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